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World Warfare
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  1. Fearme

    [Film Edition of World Warfare]

    good to be back my son was playing with my phone and broke it lol had to wait for my replacement
  2. Fearme

    [Film Edition of World Warfare]

    very nice pete
  3. Fearme

    transport ship is stuck

    thank you vega try moving it opposite way if not Peter will be here to further assist you thank you
  4. Fearme


    thanks Pete it's a great idea to counter arts so we don't have to debuff them :)
  5. Fearme

    My compiled list of suggestions

    thank you for your list we will take this into consideration good luck on the battlefield
  6. Fearme


    Would be awesome if we could expand troops right now regular troops suck no need for them unless capturing could we expand infantry and make marines or a step up army Rangers ! That'd be awesome maybe they could have rockets to take out tanks and arts and they could be quick, this could be are counter for arts ! I hope everyone will think about this A speedy good groundsmen could be a very good counter to arts
  7. Fearme

    Gold coins?

    that sounds exciting Pete !
  8. Fearme

    Capture #2

    you need 4 flag points open to capture a players base non player bases are only 1 but players bases are 4 Hope this helped
  9. Fearme


    very good polls :)
  10. Fearme

    Neutral status

    I believe the enemy neutral and allied function is for league wars coming soon hope this helped
  11. Fearme

    League cities

    Thank you as the game grows we may be able to do this good idea goodluckon the battlefield
  12. Fearme


    yeah it'd be awesome to have. A helicopter in the game