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World Warfare
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  1. Bloodmancer

    New maps/gamemodes

    because that's what we need, more maps...
  2. Bloodmancer

    glenn invested charging slipping fixing

    You can really tell the mods are taking care of this forum...
  3. Bloodmancer

    Shield Cooldown

    What they don't seem to realize is that by allowing this to happen they have let players sit around and not spend gems on battling so they are hardly making any money, because the people that don't shield aren't moving they have no reason to gem cities tactics or troops and the enemy who is shielding is not fighting because they don't want to lose their cooldown.
  4. Bloodmancer

    The New WorldWarfare

    This is a big issue and you guys don't even listen to us anymore. We've asked for lot of quality of life fixes and some people have even offered to help for free to improve this game because they love it. Yet you continue to ruin it.
  5. Bloodmancer

    Twitch Channel for Game

    I think that'd be a really cool idea. I think we could see big leagues join and get an alt in the field and set up some truly massive fights to stream. Only thing i'm worried about is lag.
  6. Bloodmancer

    Strength of AA weapons

    It's all about usage not always strength. I've someone with amazing AA drop in a couple of big clumps and lose everything to 90 bombers and people with horrible AA spread out very well and kill all 90 of the same bombers.
  7. Bloodmancer

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    This won't accomplish a whole lot since most leagues have 3-4 leagues that they jump with. Which is unlucky. If your add size limitation people will just add more leagues to dominate maps and farm gold and ranking. Battleship supremacy was only 6 players before and this is exactly what would happen.
  8. No it's not you can play on iPhone and android, but there is no tourney for PC mode.
  9. Bloodmancer

    Personal ranking system

    What do you mean by explaining it? I don't think it needs much explaining. Every grade has 3 tiers and you get score every bf. After so much score, your ranking automatically upgrades to the next tier or grade.
  10. Bloodmancer

    Troop guide?

    Because there are so many different possible uses for each troop its impossible to really make a complete compressive guide. Each unit is very malleable and I don't fully understand everything myself. I've just properly learned the basics of my class...
  11. Bloodmancer

    Filling field delays

    This is getting really bad. Like seriously, if you are going to have 3 maps open at the same time you might as well just shut the whole game down.
  12. Bloodmancer

    The best Armada for all situations?

    I know it's been a minute since this has been posted in, but I've been spending a lot of time actually playing with cannoneer class and utilizing the different units it effects. There are some important things to keep in mind while using this class. 1. Bofors and howitzers don't do anywhere as much damage and are extremely frail when compared to their counterparts. However, they have something that only a few other units in the game have: Extreme range. 2. Flak units only have a limited amount of AoE damage, but do large amounts of damage to a single aircraft. 3. You get extra damage and defense against aircraft. Keeping all of these things in mind, you are going to want to make sure you do the following: 1. Use effective mixes of all units types. Bofors and howitzers shouldn't be shunned for their LC counterparts. 2. EXPAND. I don't know how many times I have to repeat this to people. At level 5, howitzers can do massive amounts of damage to enemy armor and m40, and they have range to counter them, the same goes for bofors. 3. Do not drop m40 and howitzers up in the same spots as m40, and the same goes for bofors with your flak/flakpanzers. You have extra range on them, utilize it! They aren't built to take hits like m40 and will quickly be slaughtered by just about any unit that attacks it. 4. you are built to counter air units, UTILIZE THIS. Do not neglect protecting your tankers from airman, who tear them to shreds if you leave them alone. 5. Spread your troops out. Because of your high damage out put and AOE, enemies with m40 spam will likely target your troops first. Don't allow you're troops to be slaughtered instantly by being lazy. 6. Do no drop your m40 and howitzers when you attack cities if you are using transports. It's possible to survive from this, but a clever enemy can outmaneuver you if you do this, forcing you into large clumps or putting large portions of your units out of range of their attack. It's difficult and slow to spread on the ground. Not to mention that m40 and howitzers will ruin cities with AOE damage and require long rebuilds. Keeping all of these things in mind, you can become a much more effective cannoneer and effectively counter m40 spams and the likes.
  13. Bloodmancer

    Map Rotation

    If less people per league come into a map they can't clear the map as quickly. It's as simple as that.
  14. Bloodmancer

    Map Rotation

    They did create it, but Wiestone is in control. Much like EA does with a lot of their games, and Wiestones only goal is to make money, so they will push Joycrafter to do whatever they want, and joycrafter doesn't have a choice since they no linger own the game.
  15. Bloodmancer

    Map Rotation

    Pretty sure it's different devs, or they aren't really in control. Or both.
  16. Bloodmancer

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    I might actually care if could understand 70% of what you said, but I really don't feel like dealing with your kind. Your right, I do use a second account, but I mostly use it for scouting and building tactics/goofing around in fields. I don't really put it in the same field as my main account. Once again, don't quote me anymore. I don't want to read to your baseless assumptions.
  17. Bloodmancer

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    You can do that on a normal account to. Policing alts won't stop them. Most people have more than one phone, more than one IP address, and can use proxies to appear as a different phone number. It's not hard to get past all the rules if you know what you are doing, and trust me, anyone who this game as hard as they can will find a way. Why are you complaining about Alts? Weren't you part of one of the many leagues that made 6 leagues to shove into silver for an easy win anyway? Now you want to turn around and complain about them? I can't even take you seriously. Don't quote me again.
  18. Bloodmancer

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    I don't understand why we need to police alt accounts... Most people use them for tactics in the first place, so you can simply stop allies from giving tactics and that will solve multiple issues. First off, allying 5 leagues against one becomes FAR less appealing since you have to fight for cities and really don't get as much out of it, since most people ally for tactics in the first place. Secondly, most people don't really play on their alts with a few exceptions. they send the alt in, maybe upgrade it a bit, let it's city get taken, but keep it logged into the field so they can jump on and drop tactics as necessary. Ending allies tactics will force leagues to play a lot more like a team and a lot less like a bunch of city states.... just my opinion.
  19. Bloodmancer

    Islands of War

    It's things like this that make me wonder of the same people as before are still In charge, it's obvious that they don't understand their own mechanics, yet they designed them very well to begin with, so why do they break them? IF someone new is in charge, someone who doesn't necessarily care about those mechanics, things like this happen. Or maybe it's simply that wiestone has taken a bigger interest in WW after it began to get bigger?
  20. Bloodmancer

    Strength of AA weapons

    Use your troops right then.
  21. Bloodmancer

    Shield Cooldown

    The irony is, is that shield used to have a cooldown way back when the game first started...
  22. Bloodmancer

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    I agree, most people are simply lazy or don't understand the very basic concept of spreading out units (Which was also important in real life WWII as will, and often still is in modern warfare).
  23. Bloodmancer

    Cup is even worse than before.

    So, I just dropped 15k gems on my cup match, only to find out that I am not being counted towards the league. Only one of my teammates is, meanwhile, the league above us has three members. We literally cannot do anything, as only one player can get league rewards, make LC''s etc. To make matters even worse, I can no longer get into the game after attempting to reinstall the game. We've asked you again and again to find someone to run support during the weekends, and yet I can get ahold of no one. We've asked you again and again to test things before you throw them at us, yet here I find that everything is broken once more. The best part is that the Chinese in silver cup are having absolutely no issues. Thanks to your careless business tactics, I've just wasted 70 dollars on your game that I can no longer play, and can't get anyone to help. My team has no chance of winning bronze, and the same leagues continue to farm it for easy gold while you sit back and do nothing.
  24. Bloodmancer

    Cup is even worse than before.

    I totally agree, It's also apparent that the devs lied to us. The cup is not "Random" as promised but instead puts everyone it a cup map in the order that they registered. Now that many leagues have an advantage based on this glitch over others it will be necessary to restart this season.
  25. Bloodmancer

    Tournament requirements

    Marshall, Bronze cup is for newer leagues to prove they are ready for silver, not for you to farm for easy gold.