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World Warfare
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  1. Bloodmancer

    Doesn't Everybody Love It When The Staff Never Login!?

    Many of the staff no longer come here. This is because the devs on bolts team are no longer working on the game. If you want an answer you will need to go to the facebook page or contact us in game.
  2. Bloodmancer


    I think there should still be neutrals and allies, but there should be a penalty on rewards per ally. In reality you can have as many allies as you want but they too will share in the spoils of a victory.
  3. Bloodmancer

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    I agree with you there. There aren't many leagues that don't do that. I've made multiple suggestions to try and help alleviate this and they've all been ignored by the devs...
  4. Bloodmancer

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    The game was built to be a team player game, not a solo game unluckily. If you don't like that I can't really help you. Best chance is to only start maps when you know you can be pretty active, gain experience by actively engaging in combat with players fair above your ranking and not give up easy. Respawn when you can etc. I have work too and I am very successful, and so is my team. You're going to lose a lot in the beginning unless you have a lot of time and money, so have patience, find an active team you feel comfortable with and have fun fighting even if you lose.
  5. Bloodmancer

    Splash damage

    Of course, units can't combine armor. Each unit has its own armor and hull so it takes its own damage.
  6. Bloodmancer

    Splash damage

    Splash Damage is calculated for each unit individually. The group defense has nothing to do with damage they take. Morale only effects your units when it reaches a certain amount. At 95% you gain a 5% bonus to all attack. When you reach 0% your troops take 5% damage per minute.
  7. Bloodmancer

    The Vote

    This is absolutely a horrible idea. What makes you think they shouldn't be able to come back and fight you again? Its not like they surrendered. They are allowed to keep playing the map until they feel as if they've been defeated.
  8. Bloodmancer

    The Vote

    Another thing I want to point on is the issue of getting a victory at the end of a map (Without vote) or still getting the majority of your rewards upon a defeat. Essentially players can just in a map and do nothing or instead of fighting "Attempt to recover lost cities" As I've been told before, before the map ends. So they do solo raids while you are off and try to get ranking and cities for more easy gold and Global Ranking.
  9. Bloodmancer

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    They can't cater to everyone. This was built to be a team game not a solo city builder. If you want to play this game purely solo that's up to you, but please don't ask the devs to cater to a group of people that really don't play the game seriously anyway.
  10. Bloodmancer

    The Vote

    Yeah but it would certainly detour big leagues who don't need it from allying the whole map. Even then they will find ways around the max allies.
  11. Bloodmancer

    The Vote

    I actually submitted an idea for this a while ago. They should be putting a penalty on rewards for the number of allies they have.
  12. Bloodmancer

    Card to move class research between classes

    I agree. You shouldn't add gold into classes you don't want.
  13. Bloodmancer

    Bomber to powerful

    Not true, any mass bomber is actually really easy to beat.
  14. Bloodmancer

    New Stuff for Christmas

    I've not had any issues with lag.
  15. Bloodmancer

    New Stuff for Christmas

    Yup, will cost us no money to get these. If you haven't noticed they've also released some small automatic updates they didn't announce. Must have been quality of life updates.