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World Warfare
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  1. The biggest issue with the ship map is that you need a bit of time and proper planning, you can get battleships in 24 hours easy on global, its even easier here and if done right you can get them within 6 or 7 hours. Using purples I've had them in 4 hours before.
  2. Good, less gems you have to use later when it matters.
  3. More than likely the update Is mostly big fixes and they are just throwing in what they have done with it.
  4. Bloodmancer


    Biggest tips I can give you are not to be city hungry, focus on resource zones and villages, those will give you the most points as well as a lot of steel. Doing side missions and the first 2 bf techs can increase your production a lot, if you have the time to do them. Instead of focusing on upgrading expensive buildings in cities, focus on upgrading steel zones and villages, city resources and cheap buildings like army base and turrets. This will save you steel and still give you points especially early on when it may be more important to focus on LC.
  5. They changed one map, you guys still have 3 maps to play in with the broken speed if you want it. We need to have at least 1 map with normal speed and I think global is the best to do that on.
  6. Most of these issues are caused by a lack of ram and processing power, not servers.
  7. Check out the PC version on steam.
  8. Bloodmancer

    New Tactics

    These tactics aren't only in money. Can you guys read? You can get them for free. I agree its a bit of a dirty way to play us since it'll be tough to get them without gems but you could still get a lot of them for free and save them for tough battles.
  9. Let's focus on fixing the existing issues first please. But if we we're to add new troops I'd like to see the following. M45 Qaudmount: Is a towable AA gun like Bofor and can also be acquired in the city. It requires a 20 second setup, It has more health than bofors, but less than flakpanzers. Fletcher Class Destroyer: An LC naval unit. Specialized in firing torpedoes at enemy battleships causing massive damage, is very fast and difficult to for battleships to hit with their big slow guns. Has fairly low health when compared to most naval units, and torpedoes have low range.
  10. Bloodmancer

    New Tactics

    Wait We have to acquire these tactics? It means we don't get them like the others?
  11. Many of the staff no longer come here. This is because the devs on bolts team are no longer working on the game. If you want an answer you will need to go to the facebook page or contact us in game.
  12. Bloodmancer


    I think there should still be neutrals and allies, but there should be a penalty on rewards per ally. In reality you can have as many allies as you want but they too will share in the spoils of a victory.
  13. I agree with you there. There aren't many leagues that don't do that. I've made multiple suggestions to try and help alleviate this and they've all been ignored by the devs...
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