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World Warfare
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  1. Bloodmancer

    Cup is even worse than before.

    I totally agree, It's also apparent that the devs lied to us. The cup is not "Random" as promised but instead puts everyone it a cup map in the order that they registered. Now that many leagues have an advantage based on this glitch over others it will be necessary to restart this season.
  2. Bloodmancer

    Cup is even worse than before.

    So, I just dropped 15k gems on my cup match, only to find out that I am not being counted towards the league. Only one of my teammates is, meanwhile, the league above us has three members. We literally cannot do anything, as only one player can get league rewards, make LC''s etc. To make matters even worse, I can no longer get into the game after attempting to reinstall the game. We've asked you again and again to find someone to run support during the weekends, and yet I can get ahold of no one. We've asked you again and again to test things before you throw them at us, yet here I find that everything is broken once more. The best part is that the Chinese in silver cup are having absolutely no issues. Thanks to your careless business tactics, I've just wasted 70 dollars on your game that I can no longer play, and can't get anyone to help. My team has no chance of winning bronze, and the same leagues continue to farm it for easy gold while you sit back and do nothing.
  3. Bloodmancer

    Tournament requirements

    Marshall, Bronze cup is for newer leagues to prove they are ready for silver, not for you to farm for easy gold.
  4. Bloodmancer

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    That's not exactly possible when you can't seem to get the game to load in the first place. Which is my whole reason or this suggestion.
  5. Bloodmancer


    As much fun as it is to spew forth billions of strats and watch the carnage, I agree with Immel. It's not a sustainable tactic and unless your fighting noobs all map requires billions of heals, eats up the LC que like no tomorrow and is expensive beyond all hell.
  6. Bloodmancer

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    I mean if they are in allied territory its probably connected to league territory so it would just go there...
  7. Bloodmancer


    Try making sure your generals are actually deployed... sometimes the game takes them all out. If so then try resetting them.
  8. Bloodmancer

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Maybe a function where planes auto land when they are in friendly territory but about to run out of fuel? Tired of losing gigs because I can't get in or pulled a late night and fell asleep in the middle of transit.
  9. Bloodmancer

    Best LC General

    Depends on who we are fighting and what our goal is.
  10. Bloodmancer

    “Battle Royale”

    Before you speak you should do your research. Not only is Eagle a lawyer IRL, I just pulled multiple articles on libel/slander cases. Here is what I have learned. Defamation law changes as you cross state borders, but there are some accepted standards that make laws similar no matter where you are. Generally in order to win your lawsuit, you must show that: Someone made a statement; The statement was published; The statement caused you injury; The statement was false; and The statement did not fall into a privileged category. Obviously, you are clueless. Not eagle.
  11. Bloodmancer

    Planes and Allied cities

    League Leader can already hijack CINC from inactive members.
  12. Bloodmancer

    I think I'll head out.

    So I'm going to quit, after three+ years, I'm leaving. not like anyone cares, but I feel like I need to make a rant so maybe, just maybe, something can get done. then again, nothings changed for well over a year now. And they've made a new game and moved our best support to it. So I doubt anything will actually happen. The need for activity needs to be decreased. Then again, this probably won't happen since the people who can't play as much tend to pay a little more to make up for lost time. This game has become pretty bad and I don't want to pay money for something that's not putting out and making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Servers need to be fixed... badly. Not just in terms of lag but also in terms of general functionality. Lately, every battle I've done I get kicked out of the game and can't do anything while all my troops are killed. then. when I get back in, the entire game is unresponsive for 5 minutes to an hour. Support needs an upgrade. Why does you offering to replace all my units when they die due to lag or some bug matter when I don't get replies for up to 12 hours sometimes? At that point I could have my whole army rebuilt and more. Maybe also offer to remove the losses from my average? Not fair that my stats take a hit because your game doesn't work. Combat is boring and stupid. There' no strategy anymore because you refuse to fix the artillery and AA. Everyone spams the same units and uses the same tactics. And the people who spend money have artillery that is literally stronger a strategic bomber, even before the updates.
  13. Bloodmancer

    Paying to Win...

    First of all, it just makes you look bad when you keep saying "Ten year olds" who pay to win. Most ten year olds won't pay a cent on this game. Most ten year olds want to get the latest Mario game, not gems here. And did you think that maybe they are just working that well as a team? you realize you can't gem LC unit production, training, sure. But then again, I've seen entire leagues of twenty with upgraded artillery and spending little to no gems. Just because they are better than you doesn't mean they are spending.
  14. Bloodmancer

    Paying to Win...

    Okay. So... 1. Private Servers. What... why? I agree the matching is pretty shitty sometimes. But private servers won't solve anything, and really doesn't make any sense. 2. Not sure how they where the ones using gems when they attacked you?! Unless you beat them before and and they came back with a full army... 3. All games like this have monetization. They aren't going to stop it. If you want to get rid of that go look for a more traditional RTS game that you have to pay a little for... you'll probably have more fun on one of those.
  15. Bloodmancer

    World Warfare, coming to Steam!

    You should expect them to play differently. PC is easier to code and handle a larger load than mobile devices.