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  1. I've been on this game since the beginning!!! I've played many maps, in several leagues, and made awesome friends!! I appreciate all the players for making the game fun and the designers for consistency in updating and keeping the game interesting.! However a league battle should be a skilled event between leagues the test your groups skill and determination. If we have to spend $200-$300 in Gems to win a league battle then the fun is out and the game is over.. I love this game but the gemming in a league tourney should be None or limited to no more than 2500-5000 a day. I've played against plenty of people who use gems, but never against a league who ,by my count used more than 60,000 gems on one city to keep it alive ! That is rediculous to spend gems like that let alone when it happens the entire time of the map operations. Something has to change before the next tourney or you may have teams boycott the tourney as some have already quoted. Again I love this game but this needs to change! I am not the only one who sees the ignorance of the design of putting money over skill. If this is how this game operates then I will remove it from my life . So many games go down this path and it takes the fun out of it. Skill is not earned but bought !!!!! Gemmers need limits in special battles like tournaments. You tell me how it's ok for a league to produce units continuously using gems against a league that has no gems... Not a battle I'm interested in and if you tell me well buy gems to match them then I'll tell you your game is heads ding the wrong direction and will end up like most strategy games I've played. Again limit gems in league battles to make it a fun more competitive atmosphere and the bigger maps are fun regardless! Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope it has purpose..
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