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World Warfare
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  1. I would drop 1 maus tank in with one giant transport to distract both Aa, with the gig and ground troops and bombers with tank, while that's happening drop 3 mobile aa and 3 rocket trucks to take down scout plane and,bombers and start taking out m40, by the time aa is gone, strats will be in position to destroy what's left. Formation shouldn't matter so long as the aa hostile aa is concentrating on one specific target.
  2. myself (left) and my loader on the right (moody) in the tank bay at Knox, the guy sitting on the hull was my gunner at the time (McGowan) Another pic from Knox, this time out at the main gun range, sitting on the 50, Couldn't find any of my deployment pics but these will suffice. my wife and I at marine corps ball 2009 back when I was a young lance in game name is gingerassassin
  3. Myself and my wife, i.e. Hillary and trump. Lol Ik trump don't have glasses or a beard, however I'm not shaving again just for a costume. In game name is gingerassassin.
  4. Even a small non-skip able ad on YouTube would help tremendously, just get someone like Ronda rousey to advertise a small 30 sec clip showing all kinds of bad assery.
  5. I also agree jj, I'm not big into social media however YouTube seems to be one of the better avenues of approach for advertising purposes and just getting the game out there in general. I'm not completely sure how advertising in Apple Store or google play is conducted or how much the cost would be, however that also is another option that devs and GM should consider when discussing options for increasing eyes on the game in general.
  6. First off, great job with the aircraft carriers, that was an issue later on in the game once we had full navies scouring the seas. I still think this should also include both transport planes. It's very limiting to a expeditionary unit to only have naval and air forces. Or you could always treat them as transport vessels and allow ground troops to be loaded into them at harbors. Secondly, will he individual landing on said air craft carrier have the option to resupply? Or must it be done by the owner of the vessel? Also, how do you limit how many planes another member can load into an air craft carrier, when there are already troops on board? I.e. If I'm loaded to full capacity will my members still be able to land planes in them? I also believe the troop cap should be raised and upgrade time and cost should be lowered. Most members don't have the ability to unlock higher tier naval armaments until later in the game, and I believe having said armaments earlier could change the outcome of battles.
  7. We didn't gem...and had no problem with taking you guys out...was a pretty fun time for us
  8. doing some last minute clean up in the end of s2, we ended up taking first by a pretty wide margin.
  9. Gingerassassin

    Air transport

    Yea, I've thought about doing that, we still have 3 days left at least so I probably will do that.
  10. Gingerassassin

    Air transport

    I'm in the same boat with Mkv, all of my cc were lvl 5 already and one in particular is a good ways away from my nearest lc, this is rather inconvenient and kind of a tease. But I'm sure will get patched.
  11. Gingerassassin


    Looks like they found you lol
  12. Hypocrit? There is a difference in telling someone they have horrible tactics, and proving them how horrible they are...if that individual gets mad and starts talking junk...there may be an exchange of words. And since when did anyone appoint you the forum police?
  13. How did we flip the script? We don't buy gems, but if it's strategically advantageous to gem then we gem lol. It's part of the game, if you stockpile your gems you don't have to buy any and can use them sparingly.none of my guys actually buy gems though.
  14. Hey guys, since the beta is opening on android, is there any chance/way for commanders from iOS and android to be in the same server? A good friend of mine is wanting to join us but I don't see any leagues I recognize on there. Any help?
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