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World Warfare
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  1. Thank waffles not me I'm just supporting his idea
  2. I think Waffles is right get a couple of the leagues that have been here a long time that you trust to test and tell the truth about the glitches
  3. Ok now that that is out of the way that was a glitch Well the blueprints what will happen to them because well we have been grinding hard to get these blueprints and unlocking these troops so the damage is done and it will get bigger when you change it back if you don't do something like 1blueprint=blank gold and if somebody unlocked a troop maybe they could get lvls like how ever many troops they unlocked they could get free lvls to put on any troops they want
  4. That's the thing some of our league mates don't know how to get to the league page so he wants to send a link
  5. I got you on the suds I suggested it and well Peter Bolt Jane and Jack forwarded it to the developers
  6. Well Peter if blade gave you a link could you send it to all members in solo
  7. CptPrice23

    Massive bug! Wtf?!

    This has happened to me it's just your phone not the game it happens to me when I'm not even playing a game it's just something with the phone not the game
  8. StevenZ what you think about my idea of a campaighn but again the servers so yeah
  9. Well the leagues ally Malay have already been killed
  10. That's what about I agreed to him about going back to the regular battlefields That what I said includes going back to the regular map I don't know if being to chose the maps is a option cause even though I'm a kid in 5th grade I know that the servers that you use hast to be able to hold the game data atleast I think
  11. Hey I quoted solis and agreed to change back to regular whatever Solus
  12. Look in the log where it has like the transparent bars the book with the boxes where it says you being attack by rebels and stuff That's just my idea of what to do but nobody's ever see it on me so I don't know
  13. I mean you had that little tutorial at the beginning but it just showed you how to move troops
  14. Can you atleast tell us if your going to fix hitters Hudini troops they teleport or just spawn right over your troops Your right souls they should work on a new map or they could add a feature that allows you to chose between maps like you could play golden empire or you could play the regular map itself make the game more fun and realalistic because world war 2 had battles everywhere I also think it would be sweet if you had a campaign but that may just be me cause I'm a fan of completing the campaighn so I know how the game works and I get some strategies from it so yeah
  15. hey I don't know if you guys know this but well steel was a rare reasorce too we learned this in my 5th grade class not long ago it was so rare they started to look for alternatives along with gunpowder I think I'm not sure on this but well I think steel was rare
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