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World Warfare
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  1. Josip Broz Tito, leader of the biggest and most succesful resistance movement against Nazi Germany and Facist Italy. At the start, The Partisan Movement was purely militia, with no serious training nor equipment. In mid-war, supplys started being sent by Allies. They didn't get supplys before becouse former government (Kingdom of Yugoslavia) was convincing Allies Chetniks were real resistance, even thoe it was a fact Chetniks cooperated with puppet state of ISC (NDH) and ocupators (Nazi Germany and Facist Italy). Before Soviets came to help, Partisans occupied more around 50%. Addon to my last post: Tito also escaped paratroper attack (500. Falschrimjäger division) in smal town of Drvar. His HQ was stationed there, being in a cave. The HQ was prorected by 2. Officer Academy students which were later in the fight aided by the 3. Army of Lika. The FJ tought the HQ was in town itself, as it was so heavy defended. Tito menaged to flee on time.
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