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World Warfare
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  1. Aloha, sorry if you'll don't know know what ALOHA means, its Hello or goodbye in Hawaiian, depends on your need for the word, Anyway since I have this stupid glitch on my account that is holding me prisoner,. I thought i would adventure into this forum and say a few words. I Have been playing this game for a few years now, i too was fortunate to have a very Awesome player from The Strong Souls (Kaz) and then once brought in to league was under Crafty tutelage, and it was awesome, one of the best most respected I think when it comes to game play, fairness, etc. I think its important for dominant leagues to take the time to recruit novice players and raise them up. League retention is key, anyway this has nothing to do with my topic, but as i was reading the comments i thought i would give my 2 cents. Okay so what would make this a better game to play. First and foremost, glitches ans speed to to be addressed immediately. I think we all can agree that we dont have 24 hours in a day to play this game, and we shouldn't have too. The maps Days need to be cut down, the size of the leagues in need to be cut down, and please please address the speed issue involving travel time. We don't have 2 hours to be waiting for our troops to fly 3 inches of map to try and get some where or reinforce a battle. Listen i know your agenda is profit margins, I get it and believe me I have paid my share of dues to you, so at least you can do is listen to us, that are funding your Mansions. Again, I love this game I love the ability to play with people from around the world, but all that is lost because its so damn long and so damn slow, and that are no true rewards, and officers and gems are overly priced, the amount of time it takes to train in tech, and whether or not all those upgrades even work. My Stuggs for example are of which I've upgraded to the tilt are still the same speed, and i question the attack strength, even when adding all the tech and in battle tech. I have haven't witnessed any upgrade, but i sure have spent a lot of Gold and Diamonds, just a thought. Well gamer's have fun and remember its a game, and please for GOD sake don't play the game while you are driving.
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