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World Warfare
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  1. Thank yiu for your reply. Im sure there are plenty us that were wondering this. Now whats a league monument. total Nov. But im not doing to shabby. Also if i seen this person have the rockets and tiger level 4 tanks from start, spread out around the map. What does that mean and why can he do it.. not gonna name Elite Guards (Waffen-SS) lmao. Is this a person or an AI? Thanks again!
  2. How can we unlock units like the real transport plane? Or another player has rocket launcher(i forget the name of that truck with rockets). What i dont understand is thisnplayer has them from day one in the battle? I think I figured out how some upgrade so fast....pay to win. Lol. Not I. I will build it they will come! But please do share how to unlock more units. Is it all in just upgrading city and baracks? Yes my spelling sucks.
  3. Hello, is there a way to dismiss a troop/inf/tank/AT/ basicly what ever in the field or do they have to return all the way back? Also is there a way to pick up slow units from the field and transpirt them via plane/boat? Or do they have to be at the base to be transported? Thanks. Very fun game! xXxMGDxXx
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