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World Warfare
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  1. DeliYamma

    Everything tech locked

    I am half way thru teir 6 and just started a new battlefield yet I can produce anything in my munition factory. Even the infantry and jeep say tech locked. I am in battlefield 1045671 Well now it fixed itself. Had to close and reopen the app.
  2. I didn't see anything in the patch about movement bugs. Some places still have troops doubling back on themselves but not nearly as frequent as before. Also I kept sending out 3 bombers just killing random rebels. Almost everytime my 3 bombers would get there then one would warp sometimes as far back as 3 zones. So I would click and move it once I found it then it would move faster than a f22 to the location. Pretty sure those guys weren't wearing g suits so they probably were crushed by the instant warp
  3. DeliYamma


    The game is basicaly unplayable right now. The troop movements are completly irrational. I watched my infantrymen run in circles for 20 minutes and when I hit stop he slid back close to his starting point.
  4. Yeah sorry about that . Well that's a bit to late for me got to work tomorrow. Later all you will see me on tomorrow
  5. It almost time to fire back up can't wait to get me some blue prints and get some of that new equipment.
  6. i think the spawn location was a legitimate concern. If they eventualy spawn outside it is a moot point but if the spawn point didn't change then you couldn't set up you offline defense. Other players are still the biggest threat. I was battle level 6 but city was still 4 when the servers went down but that is because I build and upgrade everything before moving on to the next level. As for the free xp that is a great thing that wasn't my concern atleast
  7. Can we add fat man and little boy. We could use that on godz. Of course I am just playing around on this extended break
  8. I think noodles has a great idea to further that idea once the sheild runs out and the rebels destroy the city this most likely meant the player was inactive anyways and it should convert to a rebel city. Would solve the problem of completly inactive players and green inactives blocking valuable spots. I think level 5 city the spawn should either revert to the old system or maybe even cease all together and force people to play for battle levels.
  9. I don't mind rebels spawning every 30 seconds but they literaly spawned on the city center couldn't even see some of them but atleast the turrets seen them. This could be a problem when setting up troops for night time defense.
  10. My message says 10 am. So just wanted to make sure that the 2 hours is the correct downtime.
  11. Nice job on that tutorial semispaz. I think you pretty much nailed it and put a lot of work into that. Of course I differ on just a few things that fit my style but that is spot on of course don't know what this new patch will bring should be fun adjusting.
  12. DeliYamma


    iPad mc705ll/a version 9.2 internet is xfinity wifi sorry about getting back here got side tracked a bit btw it did something a bit different today when the daily gift tried to pop up I could play for the most part but the chat would let me do about 15 characters then would delete what I had in there as I continued trying to type so I reloaded the game and everything worked fine again and the gift displayed
  13. Looks like you are playing poker at the wsp. I know I don't want to see that coming at me lol
  14. DeliYamma


    I must be lucky by the sounds of it. However my game freezes almost everytime the daily blue present appears. It basicaly won't let me do anything then when I restart the game the blue present appears and everything is smooth sailing again. I use as iPad in case you wanted to know
  15. DeliYamma


    i think this game is fixed the best league leaders in 2015 are all celebrities. Pretty impressive that Michael Jackson is on that list for obvious reasons.
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