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World Warfare
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  1. Ilickpie


    Could we get an update anytime soon with new units or an Idea i had would be make a practice battlefield for just you league to participate in, same size as any map but just rebels and your league. It wouldn’t end until your league has taken every city ( of course no city or village limit for this map ).
  2. I've noticed that I can't join my fellow league members in the league team even when it's not full, is this a rank issue or is this just a league issue at the moment?
  3. Ilickpie


    I'm pretty sure this is a ww2 based game, m1abrams didn't become a thing until Iraq and Afghanistan @RichieRightNow2
  4. I think this is a genius idea, instead of risking planes to move troops just shove them on a train to move them closer to the battlefront @Jack @Oracle
  5. Good idea, I saw someone else say single player as well but what about just your league and no others, rewards are league xp and gold
  6. I think this is a good idea, or have a private lobby where only league members can join and you have to fight rebels and ss that attack your city once a day
  7. Ilickpie


    Did anybody notice when you go to upgrade a vehichle on the side it shows you the upgrade, one of them is sub so that must mean they are adding submarines right?
  8. Ilickpie


    I hate how people can buy gems and gem their way through the whole game like cocidius does, I worked for 10 hours to get my friend a city then cocidius drops a paratrooper and takes it then speeds everything up to rebuild so he can kill my units, like what the fuck? You should make a game mode specifically for those who have bought gems in the past 10 days or something like how is it fair that some people work their asses off and leagues like cocidius go and be douche bags, fix immediately I'm about done with this game
  9. I still havent heard anything about a transport truck. Like the transport plane but on the ground. I also havent heard anything about the AC-130. These would make the game more fun in my eyes. Thank you
  10. Well if all your do is use diamonds then you are just as bad as the people spending diamonds to get to the top.
  11. I used to be able to destroy a 100k health city in 1-1.5 hours which was pretty decent mainly because in real life that is pretty dang close. But when it takes you 24 hours to get it half health then there is an issue. Also i like the league battles/ the cup battles but i feel like there isnt enough time. I am in a league battle right now and the highest league only has 480 points and we only have 1 day left. Finally i can kind of see where you were going with the troops tree but it went to far. I would like to be able to build troops without having to spend hours on end just researching it. I think you should be able to upgrade your units but you should not have to research them. P.s. You should have a daily rewards system such as: day 1: 50 diamonds day 2: 100 diamonds day 3: 150 diamonds day 4: 200 diamonds day 5: 250 diamonds and one free rank up for any troop of your choice. And it just continues from there. Thank you for a good game i can get on when bored and please take my advice into consideration.
  12. I honestly hate the update. I used to get on this game 2-3 hours a day now i get on it about 10 minutes a day. The tree is a waste of time, the gold is to hard to come by and the blueprints are to expensive. I think you just threw away a good game.
  13. I just gave you positive reputation and i aint a admin
  14. I might delete this game
  15. Soul are you talking about like a flat bed or semi truck that could carry them around?
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