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World Warfare
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  1. We can’t move a thing. Can’t even select building to build rss, can select command center to send troops. This is not acceptable. People put so much effort into preparation for cup and we can’t play it. It has been like this for last 7 hours. Suggest to reset week 1, fix the server, and start again next week
  2. Agree with all of above. You will see an massive exodus if Global is no longer global and we are all forced to a local skirmish warfare. Please keep global the way it is, and make it 2x speed. Huge battle from the global map is what sets this game apart. Don’t lose that edge! To keep causal players happy and engaged, feel free to make any changes as what have been done in crisis map, but please keep it as a separate map. We need existing Global but at 2x speed.
  3. I think we should take a step back and ask ourselves this fundamental question: why are you playing this game and what makes this game fun and stand out against other alternatives on the market? For me, this is probably the only game currently available which combines strategy, team work, intensive fighting, and diplomacy into a single game. I agree that many things such as alliances, gem, shield, officers frustrate us, but perhaps we should look for ways to motivate players to focus on team work, to have a chance to fight back when odds is low, to get award from PvP instead of PvE. For that, I just want to throw out some thoughts: 1:) As Blood suggested, the game should proportionally penalize the league who has too many alliances so the more you ally, the less score, gold, daily reward you get. It won’t fix the issue completely, and leagues can still do verbal agreement, but it will reduce the allaicne and sister league issue quit a bit. 2:) This may hurt the income for Joycraft, but what if a player could declare one city as his “permanent” city, within first 8 hours after he enters the map. The permanent city could never been killed in that map. This ensures everyone always has a chance to fight in a map regardless of the odds, and the map will for sure generate far more intensive fights. To address the potential hit on Joycraft revenue, they could consider make this a “premium feature” that would cost, say, $5 monthly subscription fee. Hopefully, this encourages lots of new players to join and stay on this game, and large user player base could make up for it 3:) when killing rebels, you gain experience only to improve your BF lvl, but nothing towards your final ranking, scores, or rewards. Honestly, I don’t know if any of these could be implemented, but I fundamentally dislike the direction this game is currently taking. We need to fix the root problem, and return this game to what makes it unique in the first place: strategy, team work, large scale battle, and diplomacy. Galop
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