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World Warfare
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  1. Sounds like a good idea. Just put percentage caps on troop type. So each army can only have so many of each unit. Would like to see tanks take a bigger role.
  2. Ok. So there are some improvements I've been thinking would really make he game even better. 1). We need a diplomacy board. A board where current alliances, neutralities and enemies can be viewed. There needs to be rules set, where a league cannot ally the enemy of their ally, a league cannot be neutral with the enemy of their ally, ext. I really don't like the idea that currently a league can play both sides of the fence. Most would agree. 2). We need a way for players to vote on the updates they would like to see first. Furthermore, a way for players to donate funds to the developers for a specific change. I would spend $50.00 for the cause of the aforementioned. 3). Would really like to see a Navy ONLY map. I don't like the mixture, most just spam bombers at the end anyways. And once the center island is taken on isles, navy becomes mostly irrelevant. Let me know your thoughts. TheNorth1
  3. TheNorth1

    Voice Chat

    I'm back after a few months away. I'm glad to see all the growth with the game. But I am sadly disappointed at the chat functionality. It seems since the release of this game it just can't be fixed. I would like to suggest the option for voice chat. Like most modern console games. I don't know if this is a software or hardware limitation for mobile gaming. But if it can be done. Would be great.
  4. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. Not understanding time zones... is like not understanding how the sun rises and sets. That being said, Google is your friend. I do agree better notification is needed. Many players have their side menus collapsed most of the time. So when the warning mail is sent out it is not noticed until it is too late. I suggest a pop up menu warning that must be cleared out similar to rewards and objectives. Thanks for the hard work devs.
  5. To add to my suggestion of a screen refresh button. The button should have a 3 press then 1 min wait cool down to prevent abuse. I believe the refresh button if abused could have a significant impact on game performance if too many are using it too close together over and over.
  6. I've seen this happen when moving a large army. The known solution in our league has always been to know how many troops you have when moving and if you are missing some, simply scroll off screen for a moment and back. This would fix the missing troops 100% of the time. But before your devs kill themselves trying to find a ghost. I have a simple and elegant solution. Please add a quick single click refresh button somewhere on-screen. Then call it a day and let's go have a beer.
  7. Would be nice to highlight enemies team should be focusing on. Currently the process is too labor intensive. I have a simple fix to suggest. Current - Blue = Me Green = Team Red = Hostile Yellow = Neutral Suggested - Give the CNC the ability to highlight targets. Purple = Current enemy league to focus on eliminating. White = Special priority target. Whether it's a loud mouth or a strategic city to take.
  8. It really depends on the leagues RL schedule at the time of the start. All stars must align. And tour is a competition to see who has the least amount of RL going at the given time. MHO. And I'll post where I want. Don't like it too bad.
  9. But that is just bad diplomacy leaders. Our league needs the allied chat back asap. Leagues that run with good communication don't have this problem. Please please put allied chat back. If leagues don't know how to use it effectively then that is their problem. Don't punish everyone.
  10. What happens to people with more than 10k diamonds currently.
  11. Thank you admins for your continued ongoing effort to keep this game great and relevant. I have a suggestion to make league syncing easier. Currently leaders must create a day and time to get everyone in lobby together and as most people are in different time zones, it's usually a 2-3 hour window. After that leaders must set a time usually the same day to start the que for new map incase the map starts right away. All members must be logged in at the time the que is complete to ensure they have a spot on the map before it is full. And if members are just a few minutes late that could put them far away from the league on the map. I think all of this could be made easier if once your members are in the lobby and the que is complete whether they are logged in or not they automatically join the new map. That way they will be ensured a spot on the new map and they will be near their league. Let me know if you have any follow up suggestions. TheNorth1
  12. Level 1 League Deicide Founded May 30
  13. TheNorth1

    New maps

    I would like to propose two new maps. 1) a league battle map with main focus on naval warfare. 6 large islands on the outskirts of the map, similar starting points like in normal league battle. Everything else water with a medium SS center island that must be conquered. Possible a few small enclave islands with MZ and docks so that your LC can fly in supplies. 2). I'm tired of all these players talking big game about how they are the best. When clearly their power and skill stems from hiding behind a large league. Score and KDR have little to deal with pure skill. I know many out there would agree. So for the second map I would like to see is a heads up one on one arena. Very small map and open to suggestions, but next time someone calls you out, we can take it "out back" and settle the above mentioned disputes. Maybe call the map "out back". Lol
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