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World Warfare
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  1. Oh and can we get more warnings before you go into maintenance. We are always coincidentally nowhere near an alliied city or in the middle of a battle
  2. Will we ever get to use blueprints agian? (Also it's really bugging me that the ships are all different speeds now)
  3. I just hope thiers not 50 thousand crusers hidding to try and smack my planes
  4. Please go back to the old way with the points
  5. Tricky


    The sheilds are broken, it says sheilds cannot be set on a city while any of the buildings are in battle. But thats the problem, turrets are able to engage in battle while the defender can simply pop a sheild up when they feel like it. This has happened multiple times in this field and is beginning to drive me crazy. Please fiz for my self and all the other bubble bitch haters
  6. Going forward in the game I would like to see the dev team update the game without causing 10 other problems ?
  7. 1. So will thier be golds mines we can capture for us or our league. 2. Will the commercial center be like the updates one with the gems for troops or the one before with the large oil in it 3. how hard are the SS bases gonna be beacuse golden was much more challenging than the before 4.will we still have the mini resource production. 5. Will tiger tanks still give the like 11k xp and instead of victory points will thier be gold
  8. So how come we cant send supplies and arments through air without useing the league bases? I think it would benefit us if we could simply load our own large transports and have the ability to control them through the battlefield away from the cruisers and aa guns?
  9. or if u dont really care about you stats and are trying to help other this could work for you : if the tiger is near a resource zone or military zone drop a para troper on the outer ring if the tigers vision and bait it towards the turret who will finish it off
  10. Oracle just use a squad of bombers to take out the battle ship
  11. Is thier gonna be any weapons on the train beacuse many trains in ww2 were equipped with many different weapons from light machine guns to the german super weapon
  12. Ya i still cant get in. I am consistently getting a message about how i can't connect to the server Also does the game keep ur stuff on the device like clash of clams where u can delete the app then re download it and have all fine
  13. No i cant even get that far i just have the forum bookmarked in safari
  14. Yo im having trouble loging into the game syas connection error and ive tried different wifis and data
  15. Love it Oh and one other question, are all those islands out side of the ring gonna be fasist?
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