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  1. BlitzkriegHK

    A New Known Issue--League Munition Factory

  2. BlitzkriegHK

    In-Game Instructor Recruit

    Part.2 Vote and Award Date: 5/28-5/31 PDT Please feel free to ask the players you have helped to vote for you here. I helped many new players before. You can find them in game, and please see the event details, very clear vote here. Thanks.
  3. BlitzkriegHK

    Adjustment Ideas

    suggestion 2, Add button, Hold Fire. some troops(like Assault Gun, arty, etc) will auto attack, it is a little annoying. so this button will help players.
  4. BlitzkriegHK

    Adjustment Ideas

    give suggestion, League Cities should have votes in this version, Point 1, League cities own by Teammate members Point 2, League cities is a part of team asset. voted by that person convened is ok.
  5. BlitzkriegHK

    League Transport

    Yes, i suggested in in-game FAQ too. it is a good idea
  6. BlitzkriegHK

    Win Unique Medals in League Battlefield

    About silver cup, There have some team show up, and I attacked the hard Commader Center, it took more time, lol After the Commander center, I attacked wonder and tiger too, it's hard time too.? And we were captured some of other team too. nice battle for the others? and I lost many planes attack CC and wonder??
  7. BlitzkriegHK

    Android version

    Suggestions about improvement button. we need to train troops need to "tap 1 by" many times to build more, if the game change to "hold the tap" then build more is really good!
  8. BlitzkriegHK

    Win Unique Medals in League Battlefield

    Hi, We are GODz team and started the new Cup. The first day of the cup were focusing to hit NPC mainly, and the other team show up after few hours, and that team have full 6 players right now. And second things are captured the HQ. We will move on for fighting^^
  9. BlitzkriegHK

    Version 1.0.11 Preview

    Good updates. Suggestion, How about Surrender cities will not attack transports and truck?
  10. BlitzkriegHK

    Long Live League Event

    Yes, I knew him. we are in the same global map. And I told him to post here and get gems. and Crandallizer also too. nice job 2 teams!
  11. BlitzkriegHK

    Long Live League Event

    Hi Ganja, Good job man!
  12. BlitzkriegHK

    The Top 1 Player sharing and teaching in game

    FYI, the Forum have 3 events now, the first is about Long Live League Event, it is suitable for new players and new teams. the second is about In-Game Instructor recruit Event, it is suitable for experienced players, like me and the last one is about gain unique Medals and league battlefields. it is suitable for all(new or experienced players, you can open Bronze/ Sliver/ Gold Cup to against others teams.
  13. My profile, I am a GODz member and got many top 1 in many games already. From Golden Empire(previous version) to Global Map(existing version) and League cup battlefields. I got 10 times top 3 in individual Battlefield and 29 times ranks top 3 in League Battlefield(Most likely also Top 1 but the system cannot show up). and the high 91.2% Win Rate. Please check my history photo, I will share my experience, game SECRET to you in-game PM, I shared some new beginner, teammates and players to be expert and experience soldiers, Please PM me for any question about the game, I will tell you the top secrets if you wanna know.
  14. BlitzkriegHK

    Win Unique Medals in League Battlefield

    Yes, we are queuing and waiting PM more than 6 hours for other teams now, please PM us if you wanna so call fair game, we can stop the queue and your team go into Gold Cup first. We post in Main channel in game and here more than 6 hours but still not receive PM, please PM us for the GOLD cup and let your team get into first ASAP. please
  15. BlitzkriegHK

    Win Unique Medals in League Battlefield

    Yes, we pay more time get into Gold so get more rewards before. and gold cup have many powerful teams too, because I fight them before, it is not a easy battle too. So heavy duty fight same in Gold Cup, Gold Cup is not equal easy win.