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World Warfare
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  1. OfficerMoon

    New maps/gamemodes

    I’ve been playing this game for a year, and what World Warfare Really needs are maps for smaller leagues and people who like to play solo. World Warfare has been focusing a lot to satisfy the bigger leagues, but has never done anything for the smaller ones. Also, this game needs a player vs player tournament. My suggestions: - Solo map/gamemode - League map/gamemode (3-6 players) - Historical gamemodes (Can pick between Germany/Romania/Italy/France/England etc) - When a player joins a match, they can choose between US; British; German and Soviet Union skins. Instead of the equipment you produce in Munitions being mashed up (Willy jeep, Sherman, Tiger, P-51, North Carolina etc) you could pick a German skin pack, so you could produce (Panzer 4, Bf-109, ME- 262, Bismarck etc)
  2. OfficerMoon

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    The one thing I think the game REALLY needs is different sizes of leagues in Maps. We have 20 now, which is fine for those in a bigger league, but that leaves the smaller leagues or people without one, in a position where they are outnumbered. Also it allows whoever has the biggest leagues in a map wins because you can only hold so many flags. My Suggestions: - First, keep the 20 size mode, and add a smaller size of max players per league (maybe 3-6). -Second, add a map/mode for those who go solo. This would make the game a whole lot more fair because those who like going solo now just get stomped by a league of 20. Also, a lot of new people quit the game because they have no chance with fighting veterans. -OfficerMoon (Please upvote this and like)