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World Warfare
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  1. Nerf the m40 or at least put a cap on its production, I find it rather unreasonable that 10 of these can destroy any army Of 25 tigers in as 4 minutes. it’s a powerful unit and it’s core issue is how it deals splash damage which is fine for an artillery unit, but flawed when you consider that a majority of players choose to send units in groups, and when paired with its damage to both armored and unamored units. A Solution could be either a cap on production ie only 2-4 per player to encourage group coordinating, a nerf to damage with stats changed similar to artillery, or a removal of splash damage so it acts more like stug. Anyway please hear my plea, I really do like this game but it’s infuriating when 4+ hours of gameplay can be nullified by this monstrosity of a weapon
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