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    The Vote

    Unfortunately most people here have valid points across a number of issues. One of the main problems is that the devs are constantly changing the goal posts in maps which will either suit the masses or a few leagues in the game for easy wins. Who and why changes are made nobody knows as there’s no transparency from JoyCrafter. I’ve won and lost at a 50% vote as you scrap enough votes to end the map. Or on the other hand you can lose because some leagues can’t be bothered to play anymore and just want out... But I do feel the extend option was a better idea in the 1st place so it creates more urgancey and the map doesn’t drag on for another 2 days because a leagues doesn’t want to end. And the other issue mentioned in this post is one that annoys a lot of people with leagues/sister/alts and allies in map. My most recent one I witnessed was in liberty rising where it’s a 10 team map.. So I gathered 10 players for a chilled map and ally a few friends I see there and see what happened. So it’s a 10 team map... GODz bring 5-6 leagues with around 35+ accounts into map, so does the limited amount of players in a league work? You will probably agree with me and say NO (unless you in GODz with many accounts and sister leagues). So I bring 10 players of all skill levels in new and old so we can try a few things out.. instantly 2 of my guys quit because on this instance the GODz league bring in a excessive amount of players to control the map at some point. So my league is at disadvantage after a few hours because now we have 2 dead spots in my team because of players leaving. So I would like to ask who’s at fault here? Or is it my fault for playing in a smaller league that was created to play with friends and have fun.. And challenge the bigger leagues and players who have been here since day one. The developers for making the game so you can have as many accounts as possible and allied teams or bigger leagues not actually wanting to test there selfs in a 10 player environment with out there sister league with the same amount of players plus alts and friends to help? “Then boast how great we are” Or are these problem that will always be here to stay?
  2. TheEvilDead - Surprised the tree is still there after 10 scaled attempts by the cat
  3. 10-15% of a maps population seems like a good starting point to be allied as one unit. Then that’s one issue out the way of having a green map to end early. I hate having lots of allies anyway, at least challenge your self in maps as I’ve known at least 4 leagues against me at one point with 10-20 players in each. And I gather most maps are against you guys anyway the way you build up
  4. As we have discussed already. This solves nothing as leagues will split players in to more and more leagues. Potentially making the problem worse for teams who are happy to go in map with 10. Just an example = If my league can put 20+ in map (split in 2 leagues) with 1-2 allies who can put 10+ in map as well. We already know the Russian and Chinese leagues already use a ridiculous amount of sister leagues in map. So where does it end? The whole game structure needs looking at if we are looking to make maps more competitive and fair. What’s in place now is not working at all. The developers are asking more questions than actually solving at the moment.
  5. I think we all make valid points in this post.... There’s lots of issues they can’t seem to solve at all. I think we could be here all day listing the areas they need to address before adding more content to the game (maps & officers etc). 1. I still don’t understand moving to 10 players as leagues will just split again and again to have more players in map. (It’s even been spoken about in my league already) so I see this not solving anything. If people like playing a 2day map to close it early then so be it. I think 5 days is a reasonable option to end. 2. Opening and closing maps so often. Focus on one map at a time, open a map for 1-2 weeks at a time and correct the issues as there reported in map. And not just close after a couple of days because there’s so many bugs. 3. Changing the speeds around in all maps will not help anything at all. I play global because I have a life around the game. (As I’m sure most of us do here). Making all maps faster and faster will make me personally not play at all. 4. They are killing the game with every change lately...
  6. That would make a lot of sense. That in itself sounds crazy!! The core mechanics of the game are brilliant but I can’t see much life in joycrafter the way it’s going. The only way for the game to move forward would be for someone to buy the game from them and start improving on what they have. As it still need a lot of work to move forward unfortunately. As we know since the PC version came about, the contact us side of the game is questionable at best. For me I have a PC and haven’t thought once about downloading it and starting fresh as I like playing this on the move as it should be.
  7. Errmmmm both. My only reasoning for having 2 maps at different speeds being open is at least I have a choice which I want to join. I really like the high speed maps but you need to be able to react very quickly as I know I can take a city every 15mins if I really need to on my own and with team mates on as well leagues can vanish very quickly if not active. So I like to play global when I know I don’t have the time to be as active. But I agree that all the changes they have put in recently seem to go from bad to worse. I believe players are asking for changes that are poorly executed in game. And changing team size from 20-10 in map obviously shows that less players are playing or there’s not as many bigger leagues who can join a map. Our league is Ranked around 50 and we have had 20 in map for quite a while now and a different team every week we play. So I’m sure there’s big teams out there? Back to the topic at hand, I played isles once when it came back and think it is by far the best map in game. I also like global as it was with regular speed and 20 player limit but what do I know..
  8. I agree with original post.. This issue has been around for a long while. Where players or teams enter a map just to quit straight out because it’s well over 24hours old. I’ve even joined a 48hour old map before and still played it out till the end. Why don’t they bring in a new system when a map will only open until it has a minimum population to start. Then gives you an hour warning before it’s about to start. Would make maps more interesting going in blind with equal advantages to all players. I doubt this would ever happen as they can’t get the current system to work in any maps. You could even get maps to start like the tournament format on a regular basis throughout the day. Or the simple option have 1 map running at a time as mentioned above. Not sure why they keep changing the parramiters like team size 10-20 players and vote to close all maps (smaller teams would lead to less maps being played and teams splitting there players in to more leagues) The reason we play global a lot is we can build at a reasonable rate and it’s slower paced to deal with eaterday life. So what happens now all maps are getting faster and faster taking away the tactical part of the game?? Have 1 fast and 1 slow paced map open at all times would seem logical. I’m not sure what the developers are trying to achieve at the moment with so many changes being changed in and out at will. Seems like they make a change, a few people complain and it’s changed again.
  9. Think your still missing the point here. I have 3 devices I can play this game on, so multiple accounts would just lead to linking multiple devices. So not as simple as you think. I stated that I use mine independently mostly in different maps and leagues. I wouldn’t know what I know now if I didn’t as I play with different people and play styles. Thing is I could still be in your league. How would you know even know? If I have an account with 20+ maps with 200k+ average I would just be considered a good player. (Now this is another issue I’ve seen in leagues before) Now it’s just a case of how far do you want to take the current issue which is ruining the game we all do love. As I said before I think we are all wanting to make each map we play FAIR regardless of tech or officers used.
  10. After finishing our current map it’s blindingly obvious that heal is not the issue. We had a team of 20 with a couple of alts just for capturing and demoing LC’s and one allied league of 9 in global. We played against other high level leagues of 20 players and was refreshing to see a map not full of alt accounts and sister leagues with 10+ players. I didn’t see any league in map spamming every tactic available and multiple heals and we had some very fair match ups in map. I think the only problem with the heal tactic is a league having an excess amount available to had with 2nd and 3rd accounts. So if every member in a league has at least 1 alt in a team of 20 we can see where the problem is. I do use an alt account but I use them independently as I use 1 tanker and one all air in different leagues and maps 9/10 times. So I can only see 3 options available... 1. Reducing the amount of allied players a league can have or a limit on the amount of leagues you can be allied with. (An option to just pick 1 of your allies for tactics) 2. Just remove all allied tactics and have your own league only. 3 . Have a scaling affect on tactics used. So each time you receive a heal you get a percentage decrease each time. 1-2-3% Finally I can see the benefits in having an alt account for what I covered above but these options would reduce the map being filled with peoples accounts that are used just for one thing. What I can see is we are all seeking 1 thing, making the game fair for every player in the game new or old. So we don’t feel cheated after battling with certain leagues in map. I do think that in some leagues it’s got to the point where they see leagues using 10 alt accounts, so we will make 20. When does it ever end? Also on another note, I still feel the cup format is broken as leagues still have multiple teams in the same map. There’s lots of ways to combat this but that opens another debate completely.
  11. I’ve feed this back a few times. So it’s good to see the pool to include the option for your own league only. I believe this would be the only way to combat multiple account abuse. This would stop people having lots of accounts in map wasting the spaces for people who want to join and giving unlimited tactics. As there is no control in having multiple accounts in the game.
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