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World Warfare
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  1. USNSF

    Fetch timeout

    Please help! I have no idea how to fix it!
  2. USNSF

    Fetch timeout

    I can not load the game at all! Please help!
  3. When it will be release?
  4. USNSF

    New Patch Preview-Epic Units

    Your game team is the best! Looking forward for this game. Hope you guys will come out a modern combat. Humvees, Apache, C-130, AC-130, F-22, F35, F-16, FA/18, M1A2, all this crazy stuff!!!!!
  5. USNSF

    New Patch Preview-Technology

    Can not wait for those new things!!!! Hope it come out next second!!!!!
  6. USNSF

    Cannot load game

    I can not return to my global battle field
  7. USNSF

    Battle Movie from Global War

    There are a lot of good battles. How can I let you know when we have good operation? So you can film it.
  8. I am a big fan for airborne..... The ground troops without airplane is sucks.....
  9. USNSF

    troops in large transport disappeared

    It still a problem, I load my artillery in a transportation plane and they are disappeared.
  10. USNSF

    New Patch Preview- Episode 1

    So the gold will replace money?
  11. USNSF

    League Battle——Sitrep Collect

    I find a bug, my troops are all out of the aircraft, but it still show I have troops in it. I will get the screen shot after you guys finish fixing stuff.
  12. USNSF

    League Battle——Sitrep Collect

    No way.... We are PVP, if we share our strategy here the enemy will lean it too..... So I suggest the new guys go ask their teammates private in the league chat. Also you need learn it by yourself while battling with your enemy, when you lost a lot of troops and get beat up you will learn how to fight back and fight better. Same like boxing in real life. No short cuts.