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World Warfare
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  1. Agreed! Once we saw that higher level cities were easier than lower level this map got old fast. Because it was based on Liberty, with its lower resources, capturing cities became impossible. Selling resources to cap another L15 was what this map turned into. Was the intended purpose to have a map that was PvP or not? We assumed not at first and allied most teams. With the easy rebel cities (and frustrating respawn mid-attack) it wasn’t much of a PvP map. As others have noted: bugs that were fixed reappeared, which is disappointing. Rebels seemed difficult but were really not much of an issue. While this felt like we were simply used to debug the game, I was disappointed in the old bugs still appearing and throwing off game play. If we were debugging, why was support so non-responsive? If we were not debugging, then why was this released? I shouldn’t have that question as a consumer. As far as my advice goes: 1) more transparency with players 2) stop releasing new stuff if the old stuff is still broken 3) for this map in particular, there was no challenge from the rebels. Just annoyance from bugs, respawn and inverted difficulty of cities. 4) for this map, increase resource output or increase rebel XP to match the number of cities that are available to be capped
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    Made my wife breakfast then took her out to see a play. Biggest present: didn’t play this game! 😁 noonan66
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    Noonan66 carving with the kids
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