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World Warfare
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  1. SunsyisBack

    LDX vs. GODz & SHADOWDRAGON Allies 4/10/17

  2. SunsyisBack

    WiSTONE Game Terms of Service

    So is the game under new management? like mods and stuff?
  3. SunsyisBack

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Just Saying Since this forum is so popular, Go Check My only Other post in the event section!!!!!!!!
  4. SunsyisBack

    Im Back Motherfuckers!

    I'm Coming Back Mother Truckers(This is Sunsy!) And I'm ready To play And Pay Kick ass have some laughs and catch up with everybody! If I could get some hype and some likes that be awesome! Also if somebody could so kindly notify Diva(SportHorseDiva) And Everybody In Players To my Return I will Owe you and for the mods (Maxim) Idk if my account will still be binded so if y'all could watch out for a message from somebody(Most likely my name will be ALL Caps Sunsy ) saying hey can u help me get my account back It Would Be Lovely ! <3 =D #LetsGetSomeHype #LoveYouAllWorldWarfareCommunity .P.S. Most likely I'll be back Next Friday at latest but thing is not this coming Tuesday but the one after that I'm on a trip to Washington D.C. lol cya Soon -Sincerely Sunsy! P.S.S. Imma come get ya Godz And Zeus You better be ready for some trolling (and everyone else to!)