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World Warfare
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  1. I wish it was able to see a list at every end of each field at 'claiming rewards'; A list with all members with their total ammount of rss donations. Knowing it can be seen in league log. But you can see a total donation after the Battlefield. Can be easier to track everybodys movement including myself
  2. I saw the map is opening again. Anything changed or gotten better since the feedback and tips? :)
  3. First i want to say. When i fly with my gigs or sail with my boats on the north-middle part of the map, my units lose health outta nowhere. Had it 3 fields in a row. That must be fixed. Things you can add in the naval map are: - more rebels spawning. More rebel boats and ships in the open water for more xp etc. - more objectives towards naval mission like isles of war map. - add a submarine unit and an submarinehunter ship to counter submarines in the league city to add more strategic to the game. We now build cruisers and bismarcks and go on an rampage lol *maby submarines are invisible like commandos and can be detected by the submarinehunter and other ships by hq tech upgrading.. Greetz.
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