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World Warfare
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  1. Pls limit the alliance in this map, if we are talking about 5 players from each team there should be max of 2 alliance between leagues. And no neutral, so that people has to fight with each other in a balanced way.
  2. All BFs are gonna. All our gems se had spent is gone. So what is next?
  3. I love this game, really enjoy the time I spend. But for me and many other players are now starting to think that balance of game is changing at the advantage of the guys who pay more. If this will be the case, I am sure more people will start to think like me.
  4. We are 15 player and cannot enter the bf more than 4 hours now. We are still in the Queue and no answers from support yet.
  5. As exactly AmericanCaeser says. It isn't there yet.
  6. The chat issue is a big problem. Also if you are using several devices, and switching between them, you cannot see the chat history that you had done in your other devices.
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