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  1. *please fix the issues as soon as possible. (Correction for 4. Devaluing aspects of the game and lag and other bugs)
  2. I know you guys are usually slow to respond to user feedback as I hear from most other active players but I shall send this feedback to you and will wait patiently for a reply. A lot of the players and I in the World Warfare LINE chat have been talking and here are some ideas and requests we have that we would appreciate being taken to the devs and being brought into the game as soon as possible. There is quite a bit so I apologize if there is a lot to read in this message. The requests and ideas are as follows: 1. Redesign of Global War Battlefield for navy: Although navy can be used on the regular battlefield it is irrelevant for achieving victory. As of now the meta is M40 and Flakpanzer spams, and bomber spams. If anything, besides isles and battleship supremacy, navy are barely or never used in a battlefield. The conclusion many of us came to (many of the 202 in the chat) is that if rivers (both large and small) be ran through the mainland of the map then navy can not only hit more cities and territories, but can also be used to defend more cities and create more use for navy. An increase for navy in regular field will also reduce the amount of M40 and Flakpanzer spams, and will reduce bomber spams too. We could see a possible balance of troops used in Global War. 2. Helicopters: Although they weren’t officially used in WW2, neither were some units or weren’t used until very late. The helicopter was in prototype during WW2, so technically it could be a troop in the game. We came up with some ideas. A helicopter that is good against air and navy, and one that is good against buildings and ground, they would do less damage than bombers but have a ranged splash attack damage firing either a main gun under the body or from rocket pods. Or, a helicopter for each occasion just like the most recent bombers, that way you can make more officers for more profits (yes, I thought about that). Another addition, although not needed would be a great addition, helicopters can carry an infantry unit. It would realistically make sense because that’s what helicopters were designed for, especially in the Cold War and Vietnam during the Cold War. They would simply have a weight load of 1. The helicopters would have slightly more speed than bombers. 3. Turret Buffs: Turrets currently only do single unit damage. Although turrets and even sniper towers are supposed to play a support role in defense while your army defends your city, once you get up to 3 or even just 2 cities you can’t always get to your cities soon enough to prepare or even simply get to our city to defend it before its destroyed. We came with having turrets gain the following over upgrading it in battlefield tech. At tier 3, turrets will do splash damage to air only. At tier 4, turrets will also do damage to ground units as well after researching the battlefield tech. 4. Devaluing aspects of the game and lag and other bugs Although it is always brought up the lag needs to still be reduced. Many of us do admit that the lag has reduced but there are still some times when the lag can be a bit too much and can ruin gameplay and competition during battlefields because the player couldn’t drop their troops from their gigs and the aa just shot them down before they could be dropped. We very much hope you guys continue to bring reduction to the lag as it helps tremendously. Also, Game of War found ways through selling tons of packs to devalue their items and in app purchases in their game and caused it to crash and burn with lots of its player base. Please, do not to the same with yours. Especially with the officers, please do your best at Joycrafter to make sure every single officer has a unique value to it that makes it the best at what it’s use is for. It’s okay to allow officers to be even better when paired with others like MacArthur and AA/Flak, and artillery and M40 officer(s). But don’t devalue them by making any sort of packs, deals, or other officers that make them absolutely useless and make people demand their money back, or worst, leave the game and feel ripped off. Make sure what we buy in this game is worth its actual value. Also, there are still chat bugs, troops disappearing bugs, and kicking players out of game bugs please. On behalf of the player base that still remains, I send this message to the developers to ask you to take these ideas into consideration and to hopefully implement them into the game. Thank you for reading. -L1onHeart P.S. still waiting on the submarines.. and our patience is beginning to grow weaker by the day
  3. Make this map open at all times, not a limited time event. That way players can decide if they want to play a land based map or a naval based map at their discretion. Example: someone getting tired of constantly having to face M40 Flakpanzer spams. They can go into Battleship Supremacy and do epic naval battles. Then they get bored of naval battles and want to go back to a land based map with a focus on artillery and anti air and tanks rather than battleships. Also, it’d be nice if we could get navy units as rewards instead of the usual land and air units for the munitions factory upgrades and city upgrades mission rewards. Other than that the map is amazing. I understand some concerns about the level 16 island being closer to more players than others, but as long as there are multiple leagues fighting for that island it’s fair game. All-in-all I just want the map to be permanently open
  4. How about we discuss the fact the top Chinese leagues seem to have infinite gems, seems pretty shady, unfair, and a cheap tactic to me )))
  5. Lag has been a huge topic of things that need to be fixed and if it’s gone the game would obviously be much more competitive and fun. The thing is though, how can we reduce the lag without settling for having to buy more expensive technology and devices? The answer is simple: Troop Population Space... allow me to explain. As of now, each unit takes up only one single unit slot when it’s trained. This type of troop population space allows us to have 100+ units at once... per player... per team. That can add up to potentially 2,000+ units on a battlefield at once going up against another 2,000+ units= 4,000+... most mobile devices would just crash after 3 seconds after exchanging shots. So, here’s one solution I have, you may agree, you may not, that’s fine, but you know how each unit takes up 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 space (and so on if expanded). One solution would be to follow that same principle. Rather than try to close bf’s for 4 months and see what’s wrong (not that there’s anything wrong with that to try and fix it, the time to wait for blitz to come back is just irritating), I propose a rework of the troop population system. So, an easy way to do it: Whatever space a unit takes up in an army or air force base, that is the amount of troop population it takes up. For naval units (even though only relevant on Isles of War) military transports=2, destroyers=2, cruisers=3, Carolina Battleship= 4, Aircraft Carriers and the Bismarck battleship=5. One final note: with this system expanding units does not increase the amount of population they take up or space on a transport and/or base they take up.
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