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World Warfare
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  1. Don't think the admin care too much about this post
  2. Yep, I've about had it with the game, they've pretty much ruined it for me.
  3. Geez, I was still going off the old patch noodles, ewwwwww lol
  4. I and several other players I have spoken to think the gigant transport should be able to be built a lot sooner than it is currently, potentially at munition 9. At its current level in the game's new slow pace and the new focus on tanks, it takes far too long to be able to train them. What do others think? By the time players level to munition 12 the need for moving their units toward the middle has already taken place, so the ONLY option is to spend diamonds on them, or use a ship transport which not everyone can make it to a naval base.
  5. So when the battlefield starts it will be built based on experience, isolating new players from experienced ones, eliminating the opportunity to teach them? Or will there be a graduation process sooner than later to get them into the field where we are? They've probably not thought this out fully yet, just making a suggestion not to keep experienced players isolated from new ones, still yet this is shifting from the original attraction of the game, put everyone in a field with the exact same opportunity no matter their experience level. Still dont like it :(, sry Peter
  6. What exactly is meant by "matchmaking" Peter? Just curious
  7. Hey Peter I think the whole community at large hates the bubble popping system, we just wanna kill stuff, not pop bubbles, there is tons of that in other non strategy warfare games, please make thus automatic or pressing a button from anywhere that collects them all, plz plz plz
  8. I used to laugh at and enjoy conquering those who played this game as if it were sim city or FarmVille, now I ride the pony of shame and pop my sim city bubbles and tickle the cute stationary and non aggressive AI all day long glued to my city's screen waiting for the epic blueprint bubble I've only popped twice in 4 days... i love all the new units, I love the new strategies to learn, but I sure dislike the extremely slow pace and eventually unfair and unbalanced potential of the tech tree. Short term sweetness, long term fail unfortunately :(. You guys do an awesome job with this game, by far the best iOS game ever, but this last update has been a major disappointment, but I'm sticking it out because I know it will improve and I know you listen :), even with the major disappointment and the HUGE shift in focus from pvp to pve making it insanely difficult to capture a player's city and units weak as pond water(depending on where you live), it's still an epic game :).
  9. yeah, that works, just sadly until you're that level all you can do is sit and watch your troops die...and there's nothing you can do in return.
  10. Or possibly making the ability only affect League member's units, that would keep the ability from being spammed on faction members just wanting to kill off their units and set them back.
  11. Every time I kill a tiger tank they go to my Coords and do a suicidal charge on my bombers :/, so far I've been through over 80 munitions because of this.
  12. I would suggest maybe a 50 percent increase in damage taken instead of a power drain, this way it can't be abused but still keeps its adverse side effect maintaining its original intent.
  13. I think there needs to be some changes to the suicidal charge ability, as of now it can be used to kill troops of the same team on purpose. Today I almost had an entire fleet of level 5 bombers killed with suicidal charge ability by members of my own team. This was done by Zerg members first seeing my bombers killing tiger tanks near a waffen HQ, this was a dirty tactic and something should be done to prevent this in the future. I've now wasted 64 bomber munitions to repairs thanks to them and their exploitation of this ability. I guess they were jealous and wanted to play dirty to keep my team from getting ahead.
  14. Yeah you can draw a short route with your finger, I wish there were some way to draw the route for a longer distance, now it's only a short hike :/
  15. I think a temporary hot fix to the units being stuck in league member's bases would be to add some sort of ability to dismiss them while in there possibly from the troop list menu. I have two units stuck and it would be awesome sauce to just dismiss them
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