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World Warfare
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  1. I think that there needs to be more of a motive to use ships because not as many use them as you might think. I think that when you complete a battlefield objective you should get ships instead of ground troops also you should increase the gather rate of resorces so you can produce things like ships faster. Also I think that there needs to be more of the high lvl rebel cities around the map and not just 1 in the middle
  2. Ok makes more sense now just try’s to think of ways to counter it thanks
  3. Do you think if there was a better way to spred troops out that would counter m40 wouldent it or make a way to build formations
  4. Do you think that they will have to nerf the m40 or do you just think that everything else will just have to do more damedge to m40 because we were fighting in cup and I think it was 2v2 and all it was was just hundreds of m40 killing each other and aa killing planes that got near I think that if they make aa only attack 1 plane at once it will bring back the bomber strat which might be good for the game and make bombers take out m40 easier
  5. I’ve been upgrading tanker class and recentally started cannonner because of tanker is useless in pvp I feal that tanks just need to have a better purpose I don’t agree to nerf M40 I just feal like that tanks need a better purpose
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