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World Warfare
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  1. DevilDog3

    Strength of AA weapons

    It is interesting to see how deadly AA can be at times and inept at others. My assumption is the player and how much they have researched and assume they are using the associated commanders. It can be very deadly, but that is why you have a combined arms five. All part of a good strategy.
  2. DevilDog3

    Halloween Moments

    Haloween fun from DevilDog3
  3. DevilDog3


    Sadly, it is 10 months later and we are still challenged with lag, no working chat, inability to get into the glme, circle of death, immense slow response and still no better server response. What is currently being done? When will we see improvement? When will we have a stable game that can handle the demand? The game boasts and encourages teamwork, but when teammates get together it makes the slow response or no response that much worse.
  4. DevilDog3

    R&D adjustment card

    Thank you
  5. DevilDog3

    R&D adjustment card

    How do you use the R&D adjustment card.
  6. DevilDog3

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    Why not make allies at the league level not done in a specific battlefield, but that each league is only allowed 3 total allies. This way, when entering a Battlefield, if they are one of your allies, you automatically are allies, not every one is an option in any given battlefield. This will create more of a strategy at the league level versus the battlefield level. Create true alliances that carry over from Barrlefield to Battlefied. You could continue to support and assist your allies, but those would be set outside of each battlefield. If you enter a battlefield without any of your allies, your choice as a league or player, but possibly to your own detriment. This option would give you more possible straregic maneuvering at the league level. It would also decrease the dependency on alternate leagues or at a minimum allow parity for alternates as you could only have a set number of allies.
  7. DevilDog3

    Shield restrictions?

    In the last update, did they take away the ability to use more than one shield in a 24 hour period. I tried to put a shield on a coty as city as I was he’s red out from rom a while, I put the first on, then it would not allow the use of a 2nd shield on a different city. i think they have limited it to a single shield in a 24hour period. Has as anyone else seen this?
  8. DevilDog3

    Most Effective Way to Clear a City?

    You can also attack the center and take it out while the turrets are attacking other troops. This is difficult if the player is on and defending... if that is the case, try to take out his turrets first but be ready for a counter attack from his league mates.
  9. DevilDog3

    Precursor tag

    I have seen the precursor achievement tag on a few players but do not know how it is achieved. Can someone please share how this is accomplisjed? thank you
  10. DevilDog3

    Resource to flag conversion chart

    Thank you for the breakdown! This is very helpful.
  11. DevilDog3

    Best LC General

    I was looking for a wide set of perspectives as everyone’s opinions are slated towards how they play. I know the ones I most often use, but thought I would pose the question to gather other players perspectives. Understanding the benefit of a specific general like Rommel versus a more varied General like MacArthur that helps more types of gear, but at a lower percentage. This exercise is about cost benefit and each persons perspective as we are far greater when we bring in others thoughts. Thanks
  12. DevilDog3

    Best LC General

    What do you feel is the best General to place in the League acity and why? I have tried a few a few different ones, but was hoping to get your collective perspective / thoughts.
  13. DevilDog3

    Morale effect?

    Thank you
  14. DevilDog3

    Maintenance and Update-Mar. 13th

    No update in the App Store. 3rd update in a row this way. Anyone know why? Work around is to delete and reload game, but an update should be an update, not a delete and reload.
  15. DevilDog3

    Morale effect?

    I saw the discussion on defense and how that impacts combat / units. Can anyone provide the same information in regards to morale? Does it do anything? Make the troop stronger, hit harder, etc? Thank you for anything you you can share.