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World Warfare
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  1. What happened too 30mins now 2hrs???
  2. So our we ever going to get too play or what cause this really sucks and is real aggrevating. I understand maintenance but this is ridiculous 3hours becomes 12 hours and I wonder what all extra you have accomplished cause had plenty of extra time all I know is I would much rather be playing then not and I mean the game seemed fine too me before maintence there' always going too be bugs and glitches and lag unfortunately i mean the chat is amazing but at least it worked. Cause now it don' work at all big difference and all cause maintence and a buy pack and cause Google won' authorize I mean I just saying but I've never had a problem with Google not responding in a timely manner so how much longer???
  3. So we still can' play because a buy pack really???
  4. So we still can' play because a buy pack really???
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