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World Warfare
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  1. Give tanks a bonus in the forest. If you are afraid to touch splash m40, make it less protection. Make the Royal Tiger available earlier, at level 12))) The year is 2019, and you have not yet fixed this problem, for the sake of it I am writing here)))
  2. I have 3 altas, they are necessary for me to capture enemy cities, my record is 22 cities, but there are 200+ on the field) they also help with tactics and resources. I do not play like a coward and do not spam them scouts. I do not think that this is a big advantage in a game that annoys and forces others to leave the game. Want to know the real problem that is annoying?
  3. KURSK Easter light holiday
  4. bonus is a good idea but not enough to solve the problem((
  5. Это твоё мнение, а я считаю, что танки имеют равные права с другими классами. этот класс создан как противовес артилеристу. Учи мат часть. Но скорость х1 и AOE 100% ломают им игру. У меня опыта в игре не меньше твоего, но ты считаешь себя умнее, этим ваш легион и бесит
  6. Commanders, We have adjusted the unit move speed on Rite of Passage, Global War(Cadets) and Global War, back to 1X, according to your opinions and votes on the forums. The move speed will take into effect for the new battlefields of the above 3 maps from today. Where is your democracy, which you teach the whole world? 58% percent voted for x2 but you spat on us did it your way. healing was the same, but this change is not so painful. I refuse to play this mazakhism, I will wait for the x2 field, and there maybe during the waiting time I will lose interest in the game and become a normal person))
  7. How broken is the combat mechanic? bombers cannon fly away from aa, and tanks can get to m40. is it a broken combat mechanic? m40 and aa imba, 100% AOE, what else do you want?
  8. Dear administration of the game and the forum, let's evaluate the quality of the game on my questions to the players? and then you will engage in innovation))) 1. do you get messages from the game with sound? 2. Do you need to go into urban technologies for their work on units? 3. Does the enemy army immediately appear when following a link? 4. tanks deserve a bonus in the woods? 5. AOE 100% fair? 6. The visibility of enemy maps and skills is fair.
  9. and one more problem, World Warfare the only game in which AOE is 100%
  10. I do not see problems in speed and sisters leagues. you have already changed healing, enough with experiments))) but what is really the problem is the lack of playing messages outside the game and receiving them without sound. This is where alt comes to the rescue. You also cheated the tanks and did not give them any spasms in the forest, although according to your idea they should kill the vehicles that have a bonus there)))
  11. reports of an attack on a city or unit. All game notifications go without sound.
  12. SlavyaninKursk

    Error messages

    For 4 months, messages have arrived to me without sound. This is a problem for many players. I wrote to the administrators about the error three times in the game, he promised to fix it but the error remained. Is this a common and big error that requires a client update or do you delete the active players from the game?
  13. 1. My choice of officers: 2. Two options officers for tanks: - German tank ace Vitman: - Russian officer Katukov defeated Guderian
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