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  1. Gavlar77

    Personal ranking system

    Is there a list explaining the personal ranking system copper, dark iron etc as can't find anything to explain it all.
  2. Gavlar77

    Unable to log in

    Have msg them on Facebook they appear to be aware if issue they wanted my IP address for engineers to look in to it.
  3. Gavlar77

    Unable to log in

    I'm uk as well South East got to be specific to us. It's what I get.
  4. Gavlar77

    Unable to log in

    I'm in a regular battlefield have noted its ok when connected to wifi its an issue with roaming and changing to 3g/2g does not help.
  5. Gavlar77

    Unable to log in

    For some reason since yesterday I can no longer log in on my Samsung S8+ up until that point it was perfect please help!