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World Warfare
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  1. Well, clearly from these screenshots, there is evidence of poor metabolism. They are well-fed, but they have “insufficient fuel” for a short stroll to the AF Base...
  2. Coutonne

    Commandos require fuel?

    So I’ve got a commando unit that has “insufficient fuel” (0/0 actually) and thus they can’t make it from the army base just a few yards away to load into awaiting transport aircraft. I’ve airdropped supplies, and they seemed to enjoy the food and ammo, but that didn’t solve the fuel problem. Help!
  3. Coutonne

    Battlefield 1097822

    It seems like Battlefield ID 1097822 has had it’s troubles, particularly in the last month (or more- I didn’t look before then). Currently, it hardly resembles any kind of warfare, especially not one of a “worldwide” magnitude. Troops don’t respond to commands properly (e.g., they won’t load into bases), which make them hardly effective subordinates. In a perfect world, this would be wonderful- a world without war. But for a game called “World Warfare”, this is terrible.
  4. Coutonne


    If it isn’t a “global” issue, at least check out Battlefield ID: 1097882
  5. Coutonne


    I see that USO Shows still work, so that’s... good...? I’d hate for my troops to get bored from just sitting there... doing nothing...
  6. Coutonne


    In a perfect world, it would be great if warfare were just like the current state of the game: stagnant, lifeless, dull... in other words, peaceful. But when the game is called “World Warfare” and there is no fighting or movement since troops do not respond to commands, you got a crappy game, far from perfect. Fix it. I’m not trying to play “SimCity.”
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