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World Warfare
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  1. I found this game by looking for a newer more fun game to play other than clash of clans and clash Royale and stumbled upon world warfare so I downloaded it and started to play. first ever global map I was in I spawned next to a player named clarkdj we instantly became friends and started to take over any and everything within a reasonable distance of us and we survived the map but my very 2nd map was on isles of war I believe and I survived a couple days but then signed on on the 3rd day just to witness kingzeus coming and destroying everything I had lol but my best moment was being a part of TheStrongSoul and sailing around with the leader crafty all night on isles map looking for any and all of the GODz naval fleets to destroy them we ultimately met up with GODz in the South Bay of the center and had a crazy but really fun naval battle that actually caused the game to lag quite a bit but we came out victorious because of craftys great leadership and tactical mind now I know GODz weren’t at full strength but still to beat them and force them to ally NRW who was at our backs in order to take us out was the best thing I’ve seen in a while I really enjoy this game and hope it only continues to get better
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