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World Warfare
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  1. New Units,Generals and Map Hello everybody i want to tell you my ideas for the game.FIRST i start with the Untis. Unit:U-Boat the scout of the see. I wish it gives U-Boats you can use them to scout other ships and attack with torpedos they might be invisebel like the Commandos.And so i think the stats look with lvl1. HP: 3.500HP Attack vs Ships: 1000 Attack vs Air: 0 Attack vs Amored:0 Attack vs Infatary:0 Attack vs Building:0 Denfens Type:Marien Denfens:500 Food: 10h Ammo: 3h Fuel 20h They are invisibel until they attack or get any damage. Unit: Steahlt Bomber he invicibel Death Maybe it will be a good idea to make a Steahlt Bomber in the Game and here are the stats. Stehlt Bomber HP:2000 Attack vs Ships:500 Attack vs Armored:1000 Attack vs Infatary:1200 Attack vs Air:0 Attack vs Building:1000 Denfens Type: Air Denfens: 300 Food:30h Ammo:30min Fuel 48 h The stehlt Bomber is a good thing to make far away attacks or weaking the Army.Invicebel start after the troop start flieing and end at attack. I hope thies are cool ideas now i start with the Generals. Im a fan of World War 2 Games but there are so many Generals theyare not in the Game like Erwin Rommel or Karl Dönitz Erwin Rommel for what is he good.In world war 2 he was main part at the artack on France an he used Blitzkrieg Boost for all Units in enemy Territory 10% more Defens 10%more Attack 10%more Speed 5%more HP Boost for all Units in allied or own Territory 15%more Defens 15%more Attack 15%more Speed 10%more HP I hope Erwin Rommels come into the Game! Karl Dönitz sea General in World War 2 Boost for all ship 10%more Speed 5%more attack 10%more denfens Boost for all U-Boats 10%more Speed 10%more Defens 15% more attack Now i will tell you something over my idea from the new MAP. Its like a Map only for a league vs KI that really move troops and train troops it give Difficulty Stages like Amateur Easy etc. Its good dor training the newbies in your league. Just with Comander (no payed) from the Map.Its dont make anything with your Stats. I hope you guys enjoy my text and i hope some of my Ideas are good.When you want that i make more just Bote it Up or text me in Word Warfare ign is DestenyBoy.When you want that i make a story of something text mw in WorldWardare.
  2. JagersGod

    Best Moments.

    The First time i ever heard from thies game was from my Friend he sayed it is a really cool game so i started to play.First i played with my friends account now i have my own account i already buyed 2 Commanders.But thies is an another story.My in game Name is JagersGod.(Sry for my Bad english o judt eoke up for 10min)
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