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World Warfare
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  1. I have in fact updated, though i dont think my win loss should be .50 just because i havent completed the battle yet, it simply cant be determined so i rather it not calculate ive been in 2 fights Ive figured out the problem with number 1 is sometimes i make some troops go and dont add the rest. Say i moved an arty and its halfway loading, now i have a pershing in the area and i select them both. Now i do the same action with them both and the pershing's loading while the arty has just stopped there, do it again and the same thing happens and arty is back to loading only unless i select the pershing alone. It can and has happened in both areas
  2. I mean i do have pershings, i had 2 wounded heavy tanks and (as shown) they could not be healed due to lack of more or less - more pershings (armaments). They are level 5 so they require some of their own to heal. However i had no armaments in the first place but it gave me the option to heal (however when i tried it, it said i lacked resources, which was not the case until i healed the artillery, then it began greying out and showing i lacked armaments as shown in the screenshots
  3. Desmos

    Xp gain error

    Managed to get screenshots of this with enemy bombers and fighters
  4. Desmos

    Xp gain error

    Hello, i have noticed this for a while and it has finally gained enough attention. When defeating enemies the xp gain overhead as opposed to the gain in the battle report. I'll use tigers as my example ( since the most notable difference is within tigers, however i have noticed this with most npc (namely fascist) tanks.) when killed it will say xp gained 500 and vp gained 30. however when i looked in the report area i had seen i gained far far more than what was said. 3,000 even. Not sure which is wrong but i assume the overhead one
  5. Actually i remember correctly that I was in full control of my bombers. The moment they ran out of ammo i sent them back home and went off to another app.. 3 minutes later in that app i get the notif that my bombers used all their ammo.- i'm not sure if this correlates at all with the attacked notif. The notification for when my unit is being attacked by enemies is rather late as well (however i assumed it was intentionally set to say it late). While i'm here! Saves me the trouble of starting a new thread. I found a bug where in my army base, it shows that my pershings can be healed (however i have no armaments.) clicking so will say i have insufficient resources though it definitely shows i can. Once healing my arty, it greys out one of my pershings. Same again after i heal up another arty. The only factor is armaments- i'll attach somethin
  6. When allowing notifications, they come up REALLY late compared to a situation. Ex: i had used up all my bombers ammo and returned home..close the app to do something else and 5 minutes after i get a notification saying my bombers used up all their ammo (Well duh.) this is a really annoying thing and idk if its a bug but i would like it solved sometime~ cheers
  7. The diamond problem seems to be resolved- that or i cannot recreate the issue.
  8. There are a few prominent issues that I see in the game. Others may have pointed some of these out but these are what I see that could be adressed 1.) When telling multiple units to enter their base. It sometimes glitches to where some will wait outside without loading into base. 2.) when you are fighting 2 forces on different sides of you, the units (such as artillery) will attack the closer one regardless. Tanks just disobey the constant attack command and go for the nearest one as well. 3.) when going into the option of completing a building upgrade with diamonds and cancelling out, the building's icons will be stuck on the interface ( cancel, info, finish, etc.) 4.) when going to the diamond collection (daily/purchase) if you don't have any daily ones, the interface will be incomplete and stuck. 5.) When ordering tanks to force march and then executing a different move order a second later, the tanks will sometimes be absolutely stuck on an infinite force march timer. (The only way i see that can counteract this is entering to army base which gets them unstuck) 6.) i'm not sure this is really a problem but to me it should be adressed. It says my win/loss ratio is .50 yet I've only been in the tutorial and one battle, what did i lose? Only real suggestions i have at this time are tweaking unit speeds, different speeds within a city and the differences between such. A bit of variety within units could help as well. The tactic gives you an option to send in paratroopers, but all that lands is regular infantry (which we know paratroopers were mainly better armed/skilled than the infantry) might there also be a weapon switch or squad difference? Ie being able to trade rifles for other weapons- or being able to produce machine gunners and AT squads? The game needs a better tutorial as well- 80% of the stuff i figured out was nowhere in the tutorial. There are some minor interface spelling errors but those can be overlooked for a while.
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