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World Warfare
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  1. xF1REx

    Best Moments.

    I remember looking for a new war game so I typed war games I. App Store and saw this. I’ve been playing ever since I like it my first friend was Mickus aka Brothergrimm lol. Been in same league too game is getting better can’t wait to see what’s to come
  2. xF1REx


    I think with the tournaments if you don’t have 6 people you should still be able to join especially with smaller leagues that don’t have the active players yet
  3. xF1REx

    How did you find World Warfare?!

    Search App Store for war games is how I found it
  4. xF1REx

    Is diplomacy necessary in Tournament?

    I think diplomacy is good as long as it’s not a gang thing. Lol some leagues are just brutal and don’t give the newer leagues a chance