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World Warfare
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  1. Quink

    World Warfare, coming to Steam!

    Bf last 5 days, build airport at lvl 10, stugs at lvl 13..M40s at lvl 21.... M8 Greyhound, Nashorn tank destroyer, SU85 and Sturmtiger but no officers should be interesting
  2. Quink

    World Warfare, coming to Steam!

    Certainly worth a look
  3. Quink

    Maintenance & Update on February 9th.

    well said Misege, still can't get on.....not that I want to anymore, what mugs we are messing about with this rubbish
  4. Quink

    New map Imperial Assault

    So what do we think of this new map Imperial Assault?
  5. Quink

    Master List of Generals

    Excellent list
  6. Quink

    New Update: Commandos

    Yes but there is a slight difference between shelling out £9 for an officer or a few gems and £400-£1000 for a new ipad, don't yer know.
  7. Quink

    New Update: Commandos

    Indeed, those that failed the auditions must have fluffed their lines
  8. Quink

    Android Emulator

    I use MEmu on my Win 10 pc, far better than Bluestacks in my opinion....game looks great on a 22in monitor. Google MEmu and have a look.
  9. Quink

    Halloween Event!