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World Warfare
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  1. I would like to say that I agree with most of these suggestions, but I think you should listen and fix some of the bugs/glitches before you implement more things that can add to more bugs/glitches. Fixing a glitch where you can't cap certain cities. 3 people in my battlefield tried capturing a city and it wouldn't let you capture it, which is just a waste of time and doesn't accomplish the goal, which seems to be kill the rebels since that's what everyone is doing, due to this, a suggestion i have is concerning resources/the pace of the game. The speed of troops are very fast, but you can easily lack in resources. Taking resource zones and villages are also time consuming, the villages and resource zones are also low in level, which will slow down your income of loot. Increasing how much resources are produced at a city would be great, upgrading your city resources are pointless and a waste of resources. Summary: Fix bugs/glitches, more resources. Since it won't let me edit my earlier post, IGN: SgtBaconBits
  2. Hey, this is SgtBaconBits, and I took a break from the game, lived a stress-free life, but some of the people make me want to get back in, and if I have my info for the forums, is there a way I can log my account (SgtBaconBits) onto a new device?
  3. In game name - SgtBaconBits
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