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World Warfare
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  1. Does anyone know what the grayed out frame in the picture is for? Can you assign "officers" for units? If so how? What do they do?
  2. GodSlayedYou


    I had the same issue earlier. Lost like 10 medium tanks and some tank destroyers. Also, I was looking around and started a league to see what it was, now I can't leave it to join a real one. It says I can't leave while in battle...
  3. Hope it helps! like I said it's just my opinion, and I have no clue how to game was designed/written.
  4. Hello GM, Admin, Technician, or whoever this may concern. I've been playing this game for a day now and I can honestly say it's both enjoyable, and revolutionary. This game has SOOO much potential...but I'm afraid your going to squander it. So I'm writing this to attempt to prevent that by giving you an unbiased users perspective. first off the graphics are awesome. The HUD...not so much. Tiny buttons, glitches, confusing menus and controls...you really do need to rework the HUD and menu system. For example, when grouping units together I have to click those damn drop down arrows just to find units. Those things are waaaaaay to small. How about adding little group buttons that stay on screen as well, so I don't have to keep digging for each group. Honestly the menu right now is a mess, there's no tutorial really to show you what does what, and besides to poorly made "FaQ", there's no guide at all. I don't know wtf "expanding a unit even does"...and I can't try it because you made it so complicated and confusing to use. You need to ether fix/add a way to heal units as well. Also wtf are items/good for? Write a guide...and don't half ass it. i like the idea of conquering and expanding your base, but honestly I feel gameplay is going to become stagnant late game. Minimal unit types, resource types, poor "rebel" mob spawns (they will not stop spawning in my zone), TERRIBLE AI (I literaly just build a shit ton of arty and they just sit there and take it), bare minimum control of units (can't designate a target because they keep switching to nearest enemy). If you want to add depth ad different types of infantry, maybe APC's for them as well. Also why can't I upgrade the roads? Late game maybe I can build a railroad track connecting my land making shit faster? I don't claim to be an expert, but these are a few things I noticed! Hope you read this Mods!!! anyone adding to this, please read through first so we're not restating the same problems 100 times. Thx!
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