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World Warfare
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  1. Barodent

    Sneak Peek on Battle of the Bay

    What are the Enrollment Times compared to the actual start times for this map?
  2. Barodent

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Seeing the A-Bomb is a game ender weapon pretty much I don't see how to implement it within the game structure. This may have been discussed already and if so I apologize. I would like to see more maps of various layouts and put forward randomly as to keep the playing field interesting because you never know what map is next or which you will be placed upon. This will keep leagues on their toes and require different strategies per map. Many long time player have played on the main map so much you just change your play based on your position on the map. Maybe also consider maps where a league can only get 10 members on per map. If its always changing due to the map the balance of power changes across the playing field for all.
  3. Barodent

    League troop color

    It would be great to tell your Allies from your actual team players on the battlefield