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World Warfare
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    We need to have a choice of battlefields. Currently only “Battle of the bay” is available which seems to indicate that it will only be available every Wednesday and Sunday, yet today is a Tuesday. This board is not suitable for many players so another choice should also be available. It may be helpful to have an opportunity for multiple choice all the time.
  2. I am also not able to update the game. I am stuck in a loop where it says I need to update, I try and then it fails to do so. I cannot enter the game without updating. I am running the game on my IPad.
  3. I have just read this post and note some interesting ideas to improve the game. what I have not seen mentioned is a proposal to introduce mines (both land and sea) to the game which may help to balance off against massed attacks on a city. Mines were a cirtical component in WW2, so surprised it has not been given some thought.
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