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World Warfare
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  1. Aha! Is it tactic mode? Is only in Global War map? The game has many issues like too much lagging, Units disappear, chaff option disappears etc. Fix this first. There is very slow gameplay. I mean too slow moving troops, we can't use normal units for big battle. Why everything depends on league troops? why we can't play without league? Why we can't win without league. Other slow things are, upgrading n repairing time, loading time. Capturing time 1 minute is enough, Loading time 10 second is enough, Pacify time 10 minutes is enough. Concept and management is bad. Normal AT is powerful against Tanks and more to Artillery but can't use because it's slow speed and low HP, Tiger & Sherman tank are waste. I suggested to add Flak 88 for fixed defense for AT & AA(as CoH) but you added 2 useless and ugly units. Every updates are wasted, flak 36/41 to stupid assault maps. We have lots of achievement reward but what's for? For limited portrait only? What about rank up effect? only rank name? I want to tell you, We make only M40, Stugs, Strategic Bombers, Jets, Rockets every time. Boring. Gameplay is very slow as I said in FB messenger. Troops move in long gap( air/land). We build, upgrade, repair, repair troops, rebuild troops more than fight. The game is full of errors and laggings. I decided to uninstall after checking Blitzkrieg mode. MkV :- Find the inappropriate language for complain to administrator. By the way, who are you to complain?
  2. I just saw profile picture of MkV and SnakeEater. Looks like members of WeFew fought in WWII. wait.... Didn't they?
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