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World Warfare
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  1. I like the map... yea theres glitches but thats alright speed is good, cities are hard to cap sometimes which is even better... in fact i wouldnt mind if u made it even worse. Maybe some npc armies that just roaming around killing stuff too. the thing id like for the whole gameplay tho : either let leagues only ally one other league ( including alts league ) or show diplo on some new screen.... so u can see whos allying who > itd be great to see and it will make more balanced gameplay. BDSRS
  2. Ballsdeepeagle

    Best Moments.

    Ive played a lot of games that came close to a cool team play wargame but nothing was quite there.... than i stumbled upon WW on facebook of all places. First game and even the first few hours i fell in love .... ever since its been one of those games that only when i physically do not have the hours to play i can stop. my first alliance was goodoldboys n they were cool stuff ( learned a lot about the game from them ) but i always liked slutting myself around so i did just that... second i was with DTSRS and his lonewolves... we actually used teamspeek to coordinate attacks that was very cool... u get to know some ppl that in other ways would be impossible... now im with deceide which is the hardest hitting league with the coolest ppl ive seen around this game.... i know summarizing wasnt necessary but i like thinking about it... either way cant wait to start scratching away with the new options next year! See u all than ballsdeepeagle
  3. Queen ann.... i think if someone has time for it and beats u with 12 alts thats actually fair game.. even in cup. Wouldnt put it past them to be trolling tho ... and agreed it might be nice to have an update streamlining lag and dissapearing units ...
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