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World Warfare
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  1. I will check the next battlefield and send some screenshots both here and send to devs
  2. I’ve really enjoyed the last few months of play just wish the bugs and glitches would be fixed before new content gets added. 


    Munitions upgrade to level 12 says it unlocks Bismarck battleship but isn’t available until level 15



  3. I am having some issues with my building que on cities other than my capital, at first I thought it was a glitch for some of the rss zones and surrounding MZs or cities but it is hit and miss esp when setting the que to build and checking back on it later. While playing I am getting notifications that “The target building should be a ruin” also other reconstructions or upgrades are not initiated until I go back to check them. I have also had “Parameter Error” on rebuilds of army and air bases too that are sometimes fixed by reloading game but in some cases I have had to demolish the building all together and start from level 1. (Not great when trying to reload) It has happened the last 3-4 bfs I have played and I am not sure if anyone has raised this issue or are even aware it is an issue. Thanks for taking the time to address this issue and appreciate that it is a constant work in progress for devs to sort things out and fix bugs as they arise.
  4. Mickus

    New Event

    Hello Commanders, I think it is time to hold some more events, everyone seems to get into a rhythm and then the maps change or become unavailable. Isles and Kill chain are perfect examples of this and it would be great to see leagues that are consistently doing back to back large scale battlefields rewarded with exciting events to give veterans and new members a chance to grow and learn together. We just extended our last Battlefield with a few allies to share knowledge and try things we haven’t had time to try out due to real life, work and family or having to fight off the whole map. It was really fun and creative but after it finished it felt like down time for us ... yet we still jump straight in and go again taking what we learned or taught others with us I just feel like the risk outweighs the rewards when going into another bf on the same day. It would be great to hear what other members and leagues think about having some more events in the upcoming months. Definitely need some more super battleships and waffen fortresses with harder troops on Supremacy. BrotherGrimm
  5. Battleship Supremacy - The Royal Lancers on the water with some of GODz and GodzDynasty Got to love the rivalry, too many hide in the shadows waiting for the field to end. Can always count on GODz and Dynasty to make it fun ... Respect to GODz thanks again
  6. We are steadily getting new players and also taking them into the field with Two Officers from different time zones. All that is needed is a few more Mentors that would like to spend some time showing others the tips and tricks that they have learnt from being in large leagues. Feel free to show your interest here or add me in game. I also have a LineApp ID - nexusrw where I can also be contacted privately
  7. Would WeFew have any experienced players that would enjoy helping others and becoming a mentor? I know a few leagues with members that have been there and seen it and might be looking to slow down their playing style. Let me know what you think thanks
  8. Hello Commanders, My league has been discussing the idea of having Beginner Leagues in the game that support new players and those with a basic understanding of the way things work but possibly lack to knowledge of how important it is to contribute to their league even if its in some small way. In turn this promotes activity and also gives the new player a hunger to be active before, during and after the battlefield. With the help of JoyCrafter and also the bigger more established leagues we are hopeful that we can have a handful of new leagues become the starting point for those who have just left cadets but are still not ready for the big leagues. This would limit the amount of members taking up precious space in these A1 leagues and such leagues could work in syndicate with the Beginners Leagues to poach players who have proved their metal in the league and also on the battlefield. Both myself, my league and JoyCrafter would appreciate any help and input in establishing this as a key role in the games future. Thanks for listening BrotherGrimm - DeathSquadElite
  9. Mickus

    Halloween Event!

    BrotherGrimm - the one your mum warned you about
  10. I agree that the League sizes make it harder for smaller 6-10 leagues to get established in a new bf as they barely last a day and if they do last the senior members have to spend extra time helping them defend their city etc rather than concentrating on their own troops or upgrades, in turn the defending league becomes weak and can start off with a handful of members and swiftly get cut down to a few seniors who get boxed in without any support. Cadets was great and I have met good and fair leagues and also made friends that share the same goal of being able to learn and progress without feeling under the thumb. Smaller league team bfs are a great idea to give new players a chance to feel the game and learn from their mentors. Maybe a private bf for training with a limit on league levels 1-5 - just a thought to promote more active players who get as excited as we do about this brilliant game
  11. Death Squad Elite - Now recruiting active and helpful members

    be a part of a squad that gives respect and respect is earned 


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