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World Warfare
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  1. Me too. I can’t login after the update.Why?
  2. I tried to create my pumpkin after a tutorial. My ingame name: GeneralTobiasy
  3. I was playing this game on my main Account which is in the league BrothersOfLegend. I was thinking about Gamemode if it is possible to do game modes in this game like Capture the Flag where every league has to protect a city where the flag is and the other teams have to get it by attacking and then bring it back to their own Flag City or other games like only aircraft and aa or only specific troops but then I came to a great idea. The idea is that there is a League city and no normal cities everybody in your league plays on this city only and every city that they conquer will be automatically a League city. But how I thought? Well I though that everybody has his own troops but the supplies and steel and money and other are all from the league city basically a Battlefield with only leagues city. I find this game so awesome and addicting and it can be improved I many like when people write about what they think can be improven. My last words: Have Fun and a Nice Day!!!
  4. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This Game is so awesome and addicting
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