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World Warfare
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  1. I like these ideas, there are some bugs yes, as I've found as a player mainly is your internet, but what " regardless " game issues do you have
  2. I am making this a topic to alert people of the steam version that is different from this version, old school rules, higher levels, more troops, only 5 days, and some what chat buggy. I can introduce yall to the game if interested in the computer rules and how to play contact me on here. I dont want to give up on it and I want everyone to try it if they can.
  3. I want to know your ideas for new troops, I have heard of subs ( I want them too ) but I wanna here more ideas. Please give us some feedback
  4. Trooper234

    New Tactics

    Let's wait and see HOW these can really be got. Don't cry yet, I dont really like the idea but we can see how it goes Bro, check your internet, I have had a 6v6, didnt lag at all
  5. You should add land and navy units from computer version to mobile and send mobile air units to computer version
  6. I think we need way more troops! I think more infantry will be nice, at infantry aa infantry. Also nukes would be good as well, at a lvl 15 city you get a nuke silo. Also if you play world of tanks if you look at all the tanks, dang that's a lot. If you devs add a few more I will be very happy. So guys, tell me what you think!
  7. Hey guys it' trooper with a idea with game modes, I think we need modes like capture the flag 3 leagues looking to take a flag. Axis vs allies, you have a ally capital and axis cap, whoever takes the others cap wins. Survival, 30 people try to survive vs german, Italian and Japanese npcs, allies defened one main city and the npcs attack it, but if your city is killed your out. Also we need new skins, we need usa, british, french, Russian, ect. Plus a map of the USA will be nice, with Canada and Mexico. I'll let the devs do the rest. If you like my ideas comment and like, also I will like to here your ideas.
  8. Trooper234


    This game is great, but we need more always open maps, I thought that when the kill chain came out, it was awesome, some didn't but it was a great way to say you must be on to win, but world war 2 didn't just happen in Europe. It was in Asia too, so I think ya'l should make a Asia map that also includes Pearl Harbor. I'll let ya'll do the rest, so tell me what you think!
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