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World Warfare
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  1. Commanderburger

    “Battle Royale”

    God this is fucking dumb
  2. Commanderburger

    Next Update: Battlefield Tech and more

    How many officers can one player assign to league cities?
  3. Commanderburger

    Can you heal units such as tanks?

  4. Commanderburger

    General Patton - The New Face of World Warfare

    Get rid of those stupid bubbles
  5. Commanderburger

    Class Tech Discount

    First reply
  6. Gray wing did it first
  7. Commanderburger

    New Officers of July

    Yes no answer
  8. Commanderburger

    New Officers of July

    Not buying any like always
  9. Commanderburger


    How fast did it die?
  10. Commanderburger

    R.I.P farm

  11. Commanderburger

    Does this look like something to you?

  12. Commanderburger

    New BUG after Maintenance & Update on July 4th

    Can't wait for this to finish and there be more problems
  13. Commanderburger

    Class Tech Introduction

    I like this but I think it would be even better if you guys implemented a way for us to get rid of these stupid blueprints.
  14. Commanderburger

    Combat Scenario 0A1

    I would get 3 infantry and 3 scouts because they are the best units in the game
  15. Commanderburger

    Short Maintenance Apr. 18th

    Oh yay another quick bug fix which will of course end in you having to do another quick bug fix in a couple days because you guys are going to once again cause more problems then you solve.