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World Warfare
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  1. Sweet you guys are doing a great job listening to us to make the game a better place keep up the good work
  2. So league bases are officially broken can't send cash to fly our supply's out I hope you guys can fix soon because I got a bunch of supplies there sitting there ready to go to next base
  3. I just want to put out there why is there no timers on city bubbles I thought mine where broken there should be a timer on city's or there should be a blog about it on forms for what lvl city is and what's the timer is on the bubble I was told 6 hrs for lvl 12 city so you guys should put something out there so we don't think it's broken thanks
  4. What is going on broken? Can't get Sherman tank can't log
  5. Gimptu

    Rebels crying

    Them trying to ask us not to attack
  6. how you counter that is you get someone to heal you when needed trust me it works
  7. You guys need more then that atleast 5 to 15 testers to spot things out faster two testers is not enough for a game that has lots of people in it per map just saying mabe one of your testers should join the godz because we use kik messager to talk about the game the problems and solutions would probably be in your best interest to send a testers to the best league because we the godz are open to talk to anyone that wants to make the game better for everyone to enjoy
  8. Mabe you guys need more game testers to help work the kinks out I don't know how many testers you guys have or if you guys are just useing the public to find the bugs I would really like to know thanks because I love the game and I want it to improve for all user
  9. I got a big issue with putting new content out because you guys got so many bugs now that you need to address like troops being lost in league mates bases troops disappearing when in route to a spot where you want them in pvp ss troops are invisible in the trees these problems need to be fixed first befor you guys put new content out I know some people that just want to quit because of bugs plz fix asap before new content comes out
  10. first sitrap still in que for gold two hr wait so far can anyone face the GODz lol
  11. Why put new units out you got so many bugs that need to be fixed like with units being stuck in bases pvp quests being stuck work on that stuff before putting new content out
  12. Gimptu


    Taking Wolfpack over
  13. I love being in the GODz we own everything no one will stop us I have bin in every single battle and and back to back 2 days late and we still win I hope we get a some good leagues in there soon
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