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World Warfare
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  1. Personally I can never get to a lvl 9 city to get battleships. Every time I tried I was attacked by a stack of battleships 20 + high before I could create a navy.. By the time I did get to a lvl 9 city IF I COULD, those same players/laugue had a stack 50 high. For the amount of time you invest in the game getting a city upgraded to be outclassed by a league or player who somehow was able to build a navy 24 hours faster than you could makes the game difficult to want to play knowing your fate was sealed before the map even started
  2. now you can also add theo to this mix as they are allied with ateem as is Art of War so again I ask when do I get to play this game. AOW allied with us but they also allied with ateem and theo so basically they used us for nothing more than supply routes. They chase small players leagues off the map... I'm still asking why this game can not be tweaked to allow experienced players / leagues duke it out between themselves why the rest of us earn our stripes to move upwards to higher leagues
  3. yeah the game is in ruins for any up and coming players. it was bad 2 years ago and now its worse IMO. I can't invest money into the game because every time I try to play the game I get seal clubbed by powerful leagues. Who in their right mind would invest money into a game where your nothing but a seal, or you somehow join a large established league. For devs and mod not to be able to conceive this is a clear sign of MASSIVE IGNORANCE, which is weird to me because making money is their goal. They would easily double their money protecting new players until they reach an experience level capable of hanging with the large leagues. I would gladly spend money if I felt like I was allowed to play and progress up to higher lvls. Seal clubbing leagues.. These cats just piss on players because they have to but its not inspiring newer players to hang around and spend, and that should be a concern for devs but it never has been so the game is a mess of wallet warriors, large established league who accept no new players and or no players below a certain rank which means they are set up to seal club. The 2 players above who said no. GUARENTEE they are just seal clubbers... they steam roll new players to win maps.. all it is a GIANT SEAL CLUB.
  4. wish they would sell the game to a developer who cares
  5. another battle field another seal clubbing.... kiljoys 1st now ateem. yay weee..... I've got a total of maybe 6 maps, and less than 0 chance in joining a larger league, which to be honest I don't want to, but I tried
  6. I just tried to join a large league.. Insufficient commnder lvl. , or league is full. So not only am I full fledge seal, but the game makes sure I am a seal
  7. LOL.. I am very active and I am a grinder. it don't matter and every map is over run with large leagues. As for team player game.. Of course but that's BS when 4- 5 leagues 25 plus strong rule it all. all I am asking or suggesting is a separation of leagues who are high levels from smaller leagues with less experience so a bunch of us can actually play the game for awhile and have some fun.
  8. I came back after not enjoying my 1st experience cause I love the concept of the game. 2 maps one I had to promise not to advance and I was allowed survive. Yay having so much fun!!! new match I will be wiped probably by tomorrow less than 24 hours by kiljoys.... Every single league around me is weak and of course they have this section of map. I tried and earlier section of map but was told to get the hell out by art of war, and I have been on the map less than 4 hours and I watching a pile of chips 20 high coming at me already. Seriously I am barely starting and I'm pretty much done before I get going So I ask when do I actually get to pay the game and not be a seal... if the ONLY answer is to join a super league then that's not much fun. I have no issues with team work etc... but obviously that don't matter if nobody can actually stand up to huge leagues and you either conform or get seal clubbed. I just do not understand. and I am sad cause the overall concept is solid
  9. I wanted to like this game. Its been over a year since I played, But its makes no sense to me at all. I never want to be forced to join an alliance/league to feel protected or to feel that is the only way I have a chance. I love teaming up, but when maps are loaded with huge differences in player lvls the little guy has to pick the big dog and hope they say yes to an alliance otherwise your done. no chance I have a job and don't have time to spend on this game either. You have to be constantly logged in to keep things moving once you join a battle.. Sure not going to buy a shield in any game ever, there is so much wrong with that mentality. When I played most alliances told me no, or I tried to recruit lower lvl players to maybe form some sort of alliance that could withstand but no. wiped off the map when I woke up the next morning. Also got to read the chat from my attacker who belittled me as a noob and pretty much called me an idiot. Hours upon hours playing a game only to be wiped off the map cause I didn't tickle the right alliances taint.. Still makes no sense. I know what the dev might be wanting to achieve but unless I am down out of work with a busted leg for weeks how could I possibly play this game build troops move troops conquer territories up defense build league cities ?? This is just my experience I sure welcome all the regulars to tell me this is not my game and I should move along. I noticed not many new players rushing in to play either and the comments from many newer players sure mirrors my own.... huge huge fundamental flaw in this game. The established rule the roost. The rest are either fodder or they beg to be accepted into the establishment.
  10. Its broken because I tried moving stuff further numerous times back but when i come back and the troops are engaged again. Why have hold position or move to position if they both basically allow the troops to engage when you do not want them to engage. If my troops are out of range and are not being attacked why would or should they engage... Heck even the reply above mentioned this as an issue.. but in your eyes its just something i have to magically figure out. Yes I could adapt to these flaws but they're til flaws.
  11. for a game that can move painfully slow this is an inconvenience. I prefer to have line of sight to see what may be coming... Hopefully there is a fix planned because this makes the game frustrating... Especially when you are working a multiple city sprawl and want to trust your commands are being followed as intended thanks for the replies
  12. until

    Wheeled truck transports for infantry, Anti tank, Anti Aircraft and Artillery Daryl P
  13. I always place troops near a position of attack. I've tried ot move troops there, hold position there. No matter what i do I move on to look at other situation on the map and come back only to find my troops engaged in a battle and I'm losing my troops. I didn't request an attack I wanted my troops to simp0ly stay put till the rest arrived The other situation is I engage a turret or a tank and when my troops finish the job they always move into the next line of fire. Again I didn't want that to happen. Just wanted the intial troops dealt with and then for my troops to stay put. I am losing troops that take way to long to rebuild and then move back into position, and i sure not going to sit there and stare at the screen to ensure the troops are following common sense. Why does the games AI do these things... If I move a troop to a place out of range of fire I expect them to stay there. If I tell a troop to attack a group of tanks I expect them to stop attacking once that group of tanks is finished so they do not get exposed to a tower or a turret. These are move I like to make while I actually live my life. Nobody wants to baby sit a screen to ensure the AI is behaving as expected
  14. FunkenA

    Attack Range!

    Does anyone have a full chart / spreadsheet of ranges of the turrets at each lvl, and troop ranges
  15. I ran out but i see so many other players capturing more cities so I assume there is a formula for maximizing your ability to expand. Any tips, and yes I convert plenty of resources to leadership points but I have come close to exhausting that capability
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