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World Warfare
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  1. ChestyPulr

    Inactive players

    No idiot! Inactive players weighing down the playing field blocking the progression of the active players. Don't be an "asshat" and assume I was referring about something else. You know what they say when you assume.......... I agree that's a good idea!
  2. ChestyPulr

    Inactive players

    I really do think it's items like this that are hurting the games longevity.
  3. ChestyPulr

    Inactive players

    Thank you, it would make a world of difference on the battlefield.
  4. ChestyPulr

    Inactive players

    Not to be confused with afk players inactive players that I'm referring to are those who join the battlefield but then quit or never start to play and their city sits idle and allies cannot use that city and they cannot cap it. There should be a certain period of time (2-3 days) that goes by and then the city is automatically turned over to the rebels.
  5. I'm the only remaining member. I am asked to join another and I cannot till I'm able to leave my league. That's definitely something that needs to be changed.
  6. ChestyPulr

    League options broken

    I'm am in a league of my own (lol) I would like to quit to join another who is asking me. When I choose quit league and then press confirm it tells me "NOT ALLOWED DURING BATTLE" and then nothing happens. I already submitted to contact us section but haven't heard anything.
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