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World Warfare
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  1. Colton094

    Ideas to make the game better

    Name your ideas for troops. Then leave your in game name and at the bottom of the page vote for your favourite idea so far. 1st place will receive-200 Gems 2nd place will receive-75 Gems 3rd place will receive-25 Gems and the one I like the most will receive-50 amathest
  2. Colton094

    Isles Of War

    Isles of war is fun at the start but once you league conquers an island it's just a matter of time before your a level 20 city and maxed and you can't level up there are no waffen SS except a few near middle that's what I think
  3. Colton094

    Share Us Your Wish List!

    Well I want a few things but what I want the most would probably be we need more achievements and special infantrys from league city
  4. Colton094

    Share your battle!

    Just a few troops at the end of isles of war
  5. Colton094

    Independence Day Event

    I will be chilling playing the game but also watching fireworks later so don't have pic yet LOL in game name Colton09
  6. Colton094

    R.I.P farm

    Need to get rid of troops LOL
  7. Colton094

    A few troops to take a farm

    When it's the last 10 minutes of the war
  8. Colton094

    Favorite troop design

    Name your favorite troop design and why
  9. Colton094

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    You could maker better infantrys that have flame throwers or bazookas or something
  10. Colton094

    Sea or air?


    I think air because sea limits to some areas only. And sea has elite guards every where that you need to battle. But on the other hand unexpirenced players can use sea to there advantage cause they don't have large transport plainest so I'm torn.
  11. Colton094

    Sea or air?

    Vote for what form of transport you find more useful.